Beebe: No hard feelings after resignation

Former Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe talked about a variety of topics with Andy Katz of ESPN.com this weekend, and you can see more about that here.

But later, Beebe spoke with the Associated Press, and touched on many of the same issues, including his personal feelings about being forced out by the league in an effort spearheaded by Oklahoma and school president David Boren.

His message: It's cool, guys.

"Obviously there were some concerns he had about the fact that three members had left during my tenure and whether I could have done anything differently or not that was a factor," Beebe said. "It's their right to do what they did. And I have nothing but respect and admiration for the institutions and a great love for the conference and its schools and the citizens they represent.

This, despite not even being specifically told why the league wanted to make a move.

"I didn't get specifics about what decisions I had made or didn't make so I could address those specifically. But that's fine. It was more nebulous. It was more, 'We just need to go in a different direction.'"

The decision itself didn't bug Beebe, but he did have a few other complaints.

"The Big 12 conference is bigger than me," he said. "Personally, (being fired) hurt. It hurt to have some really false things put out in the press that your whole family reads and your colleagues read, but the fact of the matter is when I step back … I love this group of schools, its survival and its strength going forward is more worthwhile than my personal situation."

Good for Beebe. He's a good guy who was caught in a near-impossible situation. I agree that it was best for the league to make a move, but he's the guy that had to be hurt the most by the decision. He'll land back on his feet before too long.