Texas A&M a sleeper for the BCS?

Texas A&M already has two losses, but the Aggies are lurking outside the top 20.

Despite Oklahoma State and Oklahoma being undefeated, not to mention Kansas State, is Texas A&M a sleeper to sneak into the BCS?

Brian Fremeau of Football Outsiders says so.

The Aggies' remaining schedule is No. 18 nationally, and Fremeau gives the Aggies an 18 percent chance of winning out. Doing so might give them a chance.

"Texas A&M was able to make a late run last season due to a relatively weak schedule, but this year's team has proven (at least in spurts) to be capable of explosive production against top teams. The offense is rolling up 61 percent of available yards (yards measured from starting field position to end zone), the 10th-best rate in the nation. Just as importantly, Texas A&M is managing field position well, earning nearly five points in field position value per game compared to its opposition.

The biggest problem for the Aggies is defending value drives. Texas A&M is surrendering 5.9 points per opponent value drive, 113th in the nation. The defense doesn't need to suddenly jump to an elite level, but if it can turn more long drives into field goal attempts rather than touchdowns, the Aggies have a chance to run the table from here on out."

What do you think? Buying the Aggies as a team that can duplicate last year's late-season run and make 2011 a memorable season?