BYU talks Big 12 discussions/membership

BYU director of athletics Tom Helmoe addressed his school's talks with the Big 12 in a pregame interview at BYU's game on Saturday against Oregon State.

Here's what he had to say, courtesy of BYU.

BYU and the Big 12 – were there discussions between the two?

Yes, we’ve been monitoring the landscape of conference alignment for some time. We’ve had discussions with the Big 12. I think with all that’s happened in the last little while and now that you see TCU has joined the Big 12 replacing Texas A&M, it’s probably a good time to talk about things we haven’t before.

Did the Big 12 invite BYU to join?

No. The Big 12 conference has not yet invited BYU to be in the conference.

So BYU has not turned down an invitation?

That’s right. It’s hard to turn down an offer when one hasn’t been extended.

There are some that say BYU’s a complicated deal in some of those issues like Sunday play. Has that been an issue with the Big 12?

I don’t think it’s real complicated for BYU, but I think everybody knows that BYU is not going to play on Sunday. That’s one of the issues that I think everyone in the country knows where BYU stands.

BYUtv – where does that sit in and is it a stumbling block?

I’m not sure where it stands from the Big 12 standpoint, but I know that BYUtv has been a very positive thing for us. Today we’re going to play a game against Oregon State that’s now going to be on TV because of the collaboration between Fox College Sports, the Pac-12 and BYUtv. So I think there’s been a lot of misinformation out there about BYUtv.

There have been a lot of rumors, but the two entities involved haven’t said much.

That’s really how we want to do our business. These are very important discussions. We want to make sure that they’re private, and that they’re personal, and that we do not put our business out in front of the nation. I do really appreciate that the Big 12 has kept to their word and that the discussions that we have been involved with have been very private and very confidential.