Sooners picked a good time to underwhelm

Oklahoma saved its best performance of the season for a rivalry game against Texas with a national broadcast audience and College GameDay onsite.


By far Oklahoma's worst performance of the season, but if it was going to happen, Oklahoma couldn't have picked a better night to do it. The Sooners were on the road but traveled as 35-point favorites. The finished the night as 47-17 victors, but even with some red-zone struggles, it was closer than that until Oklahoma pulled away late.

The Jayhawks gave up 70 points a week ago, but the sluggish Sooners didn't come anywhere close to matching Oklahoma State's offensive output in Stillwater.

The second half was impressive for the defense, though, stifling Kansas while the Sooners built a lead. The Jayhawks had just 11 yards and one first down for the entire second half. That's probably the only truly impressive thing Oklahoma did all night, but in the Sooners' defense, it's a big one. Kansas' offense is better than people think.

The big question: Is this a cause for concern or a case of a team getting bored? I'm leaning toward the latter. When Oklahoma is at its best, it looks better than just about anyone.

When it's at its worst? Well, you just saw. Any guesses as to what Alabama or LSU would have done to tonight's version of Oklahoma's team?

I'll leave that up to you.

The goal-line struggles are legitimate, and a recurring problem for this program. Last year, the Sooners were stuffed three times on the goal line against Texas A&M in a loss. They settled for field goals numerous times tonight, and did the same on the two opening drives against Texas last week.

That has to get better.

A long week of practice awaits Oklahoma in the coming days, methinks, and I doubt they'll be bored coming into next week's game against Texas Tech before traveling to Kansas State for what's suddenly shaping up as a potentially epic game between two 8-0 teams.

The Sooners better figure out exactly what went wrong tonight before they make that trip.

Make the same mistakes and play as sloppy as they did tonight, and you know Bill Snyder's team will take advantage.