Chat: New recruiting, realignment, A&M

Thanks for all the questions this week. Here's the full transcript.

And my mailbag's open if you have more questions. Time for a few highlights.

Jim (Grand Junction, Colorado): I can't help but wonder if Nebraska and/or Colorado had insisted that Dan Beebe be replaced, as Oklahoma did, if would one or both still be in the conference and that the Big 12 would still be intact or still viable.

David Ubben: Nope, I'm not buying that one. Nebraska was never really thrilled with the way the Big 8 became the Big 12 and in this case, it was maybe more about how attractive the Big Ten was, rather than how unattractive the Big 12 was. In short, the opposite of Missouri. I'm not so convinced Missouri wants the SEC as much as it wants "Not the Big 12."

Mason (Texas): DUbs, what are you hearing about Texas playing Tech on Thanksgiving? Surely they are first looking at Notre Dame, but if that doesn't work isn't Tech the most logical choice?

David Ubben: To some degree. I'm not sure Texas' opponent matters all that much as long as it's a good one. The Big 12 doesn't really do a lot of late-season nonconference games, so that complicates matters. It'll all shake out. I don't sense a lot of urgency about that exact topic from either fan base.

Cameron (CS, TX): Is this year already a bust for A&M? This was the year where we had a solid team all over and all the right pieces to make a run for a championship and instead we fell out the gate.

David Ubben: To some degree, I think so, yes. This team was good enough to win a national title if the ball bounced their way a couple times. Now, they've got two losses midway through the season. A Big 12 title isn't impossible, but they need a ton of help.

Blake (Stillwater): Ubbs: Most people seemed underwhelmed by Okie State getting their second-consecutive win in Austin (First team to do that since 1910.) does that show how far they have come as a program? To get judged even in a double-digit road victory?

David Ubben: No question it does. The "back-to-back Austin win" stat is a little overplayed. I'm not sure how many teams have played in Austin in consecutive years. But that was a bit of a yawner, and ended up pretty much exactly like I expected. And suddenly OSU is getting ripped? That makes no sense.

Matt (Champaign): David - In your humble opinion ... with the BIG EAST upping its exit fees, to whom will the BIG 12 look when Mizzou competes with Vandy in the SEC

David Ubben: Ha. Ouch, Matt. I disagree, but ouch. I don't think the additional exit fees ($5 million has become $10 million) would be a huge deterrent to West Virginia or Louisville leaving the Big East. Timing could get awkward though. TCU is joining right away, but waiting 27 months for two more members? That could get messy.

Brian (Dallas): Rangers or the Cardinals?

David Ubben: A nap.

Josh (Knoxville, TN): Why is the Aggie pass defense so bad? Is there any hope it gets better? Thanks.

David Ubben: It comes down to the pass rush. Texas A&M isn't getting a ton of sacks from its front four, so it's bringing a ton of DBs and backers on blitzes. That's a high-risk, high-reward venture. The result has been both. A lot of sacks and a lot of big plays from opposing offenses. If it's going to get better, guys like Spencer Nealy and Tony Jerod-Eddie have to keep getting a push up front and get more pressure on the pass so the Aggies aren't forced to blitz as much. Those blitzes haven't resulted in enough turnovers, either.