Big 12 would move quickly if Mizzou exits

Missouri has yet to officially apply for the SEC, although multiple reports on Saturday indicated that the Tigers would have the necessary votes to join the league's Eastern division.

If that happens, the Big 12 would like to move quickly to replace the Tigers, Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione told SoonerNation on Saturday.

If Missouri leaves, Castiglione said the Big 12 has a "Plan A" and "Plan 1-A" but did not discuss specific teams outside of BYU. He also said he was hopeful Missouri would remain in the Big 12.

"I think our intent would be to move as quickly as we could," Castiglione said. "There may be other issues that hinder our ability to move as quick as we want. Behind the scenes we will be doing as much as we can as quick as we can to resolve it."

West Virginia is at the top of a list of possible replacements, a source told ESPN's Andy Katz. That's followed by BYU, Louisville and Cincinnati.