Big 12 title race stocked with surprises

Already, just four weeks into Big 12 play, we've seen tons of surprises in the conference title race.

That's less than half of the new nine-game conference schedule.

Oklahoma, picked by 42 of 44 media voters to win the Big 12, has already suffered a loss with more, difficult tests ahead, including trips to Oklahoma State and Kansas State and a home game against Texas A&M.

Oklahoma State has assumed the role of Big 12 favorite, via its undefeated record, high-flying offense and home date against Oklahoma for the second consecutive year.

Kansas State, though, picked to finish eighth in the league, is still undefeated and still very much in control of its fate. Just how good is this team? Oklahoma may give us some sort of definitive answer when it travels to the Little Apple for Saturday's game.

Oklahoma's legendary home winning streak -- 39 games, the third-longest in NCAA history -- is over.

But at the hands of Texas Tech? Who saw that coming?

So, if you had to rank it, which would be more surprising?

  • Oklahoma not leading the race

  • Kansas State leading the race

  • Texas Tech being the reason Oklahoma doesn't lead

Who knows what the second half holds in store? The first half was great, and there should be plenty more outstanding football on the way.

Kansas State will look to validate itself as a top 10 team, proving that its undefeated record came because of more than an easy opening schedule.

Oklahoma State will try to prove it can make it all the way to the big one without the infamous Poke Choke resurfacing.

Oklahoma will try and prove it really is the Big 12's best team, no matter what Saturday night's final score said.

They're the Big 12's only teams left that control their own destiny, and we're destined to enjoy watching it play out.

Big 12 standings:

T-1. Oklahoma State (4-0)

T-1. Kansas State (4-0)

T-3. Oklahoma (3-1)

T-3. Texas A&M (3-1)

5. Texas Tech (2-2)

T-6. Baylor (1-2)

T-6. Texas (1-2)

8. Missouri (1-3)

T-9. Iowa State (0-4)

T-9. Kansas (0-4