Underdog Duke giving No. 22 Kansas an early fight

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

I'm getting ready for my live chat in a few minutes, but I'm glancing a little bit at Duke and Kansas in the early Big 12 game.

I was surprised by how effective Duke quarterback Thaddeus Lewis looked on the opening drive. Two plays and 87 yards later, the Blue Devils don't look like they are intimidated by the Jayhawks or their No. 22 ranking as we're playing with a 7-7 deadlock early in the second quarter.

But since that first drive, Kansas has made some nice defensive adjustments -- Duke has produced only 42 yards since then.

Top Kansas runner Jake Sharp had carries on three of the first four plays of the game, but just returned back into the game after missing the rest of the first quarter with an undisclosed injury. The Jayhawks look energized by his return.

I was a little surprised that Duke coach David Cutcliffe pulled Lewis for the last series to insert freshman quarterback Sean Renfree. The new quarterback completed his first four throws, but the offense seemed to be missing a spark when Lewis left.

This game has been surprisingly interesting. I figured Kansas would win it easily, but Duke has been a revelation early.

And another thing. Those Duke road uniforms look exactly like the old Baltimore Colts jerseys from my youth. I'm halfway expecting Lenny Moore and Johnny Unitas any minute.