Tech comes out in the no-huddle offense

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas Tech coach Mike Leach likes his chances against Texas by keeping the Longhorns' defense gasping by using a no-huddle offense.

Quarterback Taylor Potts hit his first six passes in the opening drive, marching Tech 56 yards on a drive capped by a 42-yard field goal by Matt Williams.

Leach believes that Potts' style is better suited to keep the game moving along. Graham Harrell was a more analytical player who preferred to read defenses before he made his call.

But Potts likes to keep the game moving quickly. And the first drive looks like it suits him.

One other trend on Texas Tech's opening drive that was notable: Baron Batch made a huge 18-yard run to extricate the Red Raiders from a second-and-20 from their own 21 and keep the drive alive.

It was Texas Tech's longest run of the season.