Big 12 by the numbers: Week 10

Here's the story of the Big 12 this week, as told by calculators.

5: Wins for Texas, equalling last year's total with five weeks remaining in the season.

0: Road wins for Baylor in three tries in 2011

8.6: Points scored per game separating the No. 3 team in the Big 12, Texas A&M, from the league's top two teams, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

22.6: More Missouri rushing yards per game in conference play than any Big 12 team.

26.2: Oklahoma State's average points allowed in conference play, which ranks second in the Big 12, behind Oklahoma.

1: Interception for Brandon Weeden in Big 12 play, the fewest of any Big 12 quarterback.

20: Turnovers gained in Big 12 play for Oklahoma State. Kansas State is No. 2, with 12.

17: Fewer first downs for Kansas than any Big 12 team in league play. The Jayhawks have 82 in five games.

25: Fewer first downs given up for Texas than any Big 12 team in league play. The Longhorns have given up 72 in four games.

1: Sack given up by Oklahoma in five league games. Two Big 12 teams are tied at No. 2, with seven.

10: Made field goals in 10 attempts for Texas A&M in five league games. Only two teams have attempted more, but the Aggies are the only Big 12 team still perfect.

96.2: Oklahoma's scoring percentage in the red zone in league play, the highest of any Big 12 team.

36.1: Receiving yards per game separating Ryan Broyles (149.6) and the Big 12's No. 2 in conference play, Kendall Wright (113.5).

11: Passes defended by Missouri CB E.J. Gaines, four more than any player in the Big 12 in league play.