Chat: OSU D, Texas future, WVU, Mizzou

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Evan in NE Oklahoma asked: What does the first half shutout of Baylor this weekend by the Cowboys say to you?

David Ubben: I'd say I said a lot of it in my postgame column. Oklahoma State's defense is criminally underrated, based on the raw numbers. They rank second in the Big 12 in scoring defense in five conference games. Solid numbers.

Mason in Arlington asked: Do you think next season will be better for the Baylor Bears?

DU: I do. Losing Kendall Wright will be huge, but they've got a lot of solid receivers. RG3 sounds bent on coming back, and the defense can't get any worse.

Steve in Austin, Texas asked: How are the Horns ranked in the top 25? They get blasted by OU and beat by OK ST, does beating on no name teams carry that much weight in the polls? UT completely overrated.

DU: The OSU loss wasn't that bad, and this team only has two losses. Look at the resumes of the teams ranked 15-25 and you'll see why Texas is ranked.

Mizzou Doug in Kansas City asked: Which occurs first: kansas wins a big 12 football game or Mizzou finally anounces that they are bound for the SEC?

DU: Ouch. The latter by a decent margin.I don't see Kansas winning a conference game this year. Its best chance is Saturday against Iowa State, though.

David in DC asked: Last week vs. Kansas seemed to be the first time Malcolm Brown really streched his legs in terms of carries (approachign 28 I think)... is this a pattern and something the 'Horns will try to lean on to close out the year?

DU: I think so. Brown is a guy that can take a lot of punishment. He's a big guy who absorbs contact well and delivers plenty of his own. He runs with a low center of gravity, so he doesn't take a lot of big hits and he protects the ball well. I don't see why you wouldn't give him the ball that many times. The QB play at Texas? I'd say most are resigned to it being mediocre at best.

Brian in Dallas asked: Why can't the Aggies close games out?

DU: I'd say if anyone knew the real answer to that, it'd be fixed by now. It's perplexing.

Amit in Dallas asked: What do you think Oklahoma State Chances of playing the national championship game are if Stanford also goes unbeaten?

DU: I'd say 95-97 percent, as long as they win out. The strength of schedule in the Big 12 will be too strong for the Cardinal to make the jump.

Bryan in Houston asked: What do you think about Baylor not punting in the entire game vs OSU? Are they getting too much confidence in their offense?

DU: Ha, no. They moved the ball really well, and I didn't think they were getting crazy in any of the fourth down tries they had. They lined up to punt it once, but faked it. It worked, of course.

Bryan also asked: What do you think about Baylor not kicking the field goal on the opening drive vs OSU, and instead coming up with no points at all? Are they getting too much confidence in their offense?

DU: I remember a powerful offense at Missouri back in 2008 kick a field goal in an identical situation. Gary Pinkel got reamed for it, even still today. Missouri lost that game. Can defend both moves, but in a game that you know is going to be high scoring, Baylor had to go for it. And they have a 250-pound back that Missouri never had. Just a great play from Oklahoma State.

Velden Linn in Columbus, OH asked: David, Do you think that Dana Holgorsen and the Mountaineers are looking forward to playing in B12 country after that snowstorm they played in this weekend at Rutgers?! Did you see that? It was crazy! :-)

DU: Ha yeah, I'm sure they're psyched. On a serious note, though, Holgorsen and his staff have major connections in Texas. WVU will be a player in the recruiting game in Texas. Won't dominate, but there's such a wealth of skill players in the state, they're going to have access to guys they never would have had otherwise.

Tim in Norman asked: Any love for the sooners gettin back into the national championship race?

DU: Wrote about last Sunday. Basically, they have to absolutely have a Stanford loss and almost certainly a Boise State loss. Then they need LSU to blow out Alabama or win by double digits in Tuscaloosa. And win out impressively. Then, it'll be close.

Will in Ohio asked: Excited for Glee to resume tonight?

DU: Obviously.

Mizz Mark in Jackson asked: Why do you have the Aggies ranked higher than the tigers on your power rankings list, didn't they just beat the Aggies.... At Kyle Field? Is it based off the record alone?

DU: And the fact that Texas A&M should be undefeated, yes. But an overtime win, and one more loss? Not quite enough to put Mizzou over A&M.