Big 12 set on 10 members for 2012

Don't expect the Big 12 to expand further for 2012, but don't rule out a move to 12 after next season either.

University of Oklahoma president David Boren said Monday the Big 12 Conference is settled with 10 teams through the 2012 football season, but didn't rule out the possibility that two more teams could be added in 2013.

"Definitely, I think we have the opportunity to back to 12, if we want to," Boren told The Associated Press.

Boren did not identify which other schools have expressed an interest in joining the conference.

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It's the right approach for now. If Missouri had stayed, inviting Louisville to be the 12th member would have been a big positive step.

Missouri's gone. Louisville is the logical next step, and maybe Cincinnati or BYU could be next on that list, but for now, it looks like TCU and West Virginia will be the only new additions to the Big 12.

The legal issues surrounding West Virginia's move are still unsettled and, if anything, delays Missouri's exit to the Big 12 until 2013.

That would make this whole situation more messy for everyone, but for now, the Big 12 looks like it's narrowed down what its future will look like.