Chat: Bedlam, title game, WVU/TCU, draft

Thanks for all the questions in today's chat. Here's the full transcript if you missed it.

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And, here's a few highlights.

W (Anaheim): The record of each team that has left (or will be leaving) the BigXII has been less than expected. Any checked Dan Beebe's home for voodoo mascot dolls?

David Ubben: I don't know if I've heard of anyone doing it, but yeah, Nebraska's struggled in spots this year, Colorado is much, much worse despite having a decent amount of talent. A&M has a few fatal flaws and Missouri's just not as good as I and others thought at the beginning of the season.

Jay in Ames: Do you think Iowa State has a legitimate chance of pulling off one more upset and becoming bowl eligible?

DU: Legitimate chance? Yes. Realistic chance? Yes. Will it happen? I don't think so. ISU's not beating OU or OSU. I'd give them about a 30 percent chance to do it against K-State.

Dave in DC asked: Brown and Bergeron for Texas: sustainable as a legit dual-threat, is Bergeron a threat to unseat Brown, and how scary is this team rushing attack going to be to close out the year (let alone next season)?

DU: Yeah, those two guys are solid. Has to be so exciting for Texas to watch, and with Johnathan Gray on the way, it's even more so. Texas wants that rushing attack, and it's going to have to continue, considering where the talent is. They need as many carries to go around as possible. Their best players are running backs, and they've got a lot of them, vs. David Ash, who is OK, but not a guy who looks like a franchise QB.

JB in Austin asked: Do you think Texas recruits are "overrated"? Seems to be not true in this conference just look at OU and UT and how many conference championships they have compared to missouri.....

DU: Ha, no, I don't. And to clarify, Sheldon Richardson was talking about players from the state of Texas, not Longhorns players or recruits.

Bill Snyder in Manhattan, Kansas asked: Hey David, I was glad you got to come to one of our games finally, even if it wasn't a home game for us. That said, how excited are you for the new Call of Duty that came out today? I can't wait to play it with my youngsters.

DU: Ha. E-mail of the day.

Porter in Denver asked: Ubbs, can OSU beat OU without Josh Cooper and Harrison?

DU: OSU will probably have Cooper. A better question is can OU beat OSU without Ryan Broyles and Dominique Whaley?

Terry in Manhattan asked: Your guess on Snyder's windbreaker against A&M? Perhaps the 2001 Cotton Bowl?

DU: I'm waiting for a 1993 Copper Bowl polo.

Nick in SC asked: Do you think that WVU will do well in all sports in the Big 12? Do you think that they will be a strong force in this conference?

DU: The money sports will be fine. I don't know a ton about how they recruit, but they'll be able to dip into Texas a little bit. I think TCU will develop into a force on the recruiting trail in Texas, but the state should give the Mountaineers a little boost.

Scott in Plano, Texas asked: Do you think Landry Jones sticks around for his senior year to improve his game, or do you think he's headed to the NFL?

DU: I'd expect Landry to leave, but don't be surprised if he comes back. Oklahoma could maybe make another run at the title, and he saw what happened to Sam Bradford. Bradford endured the nightmare scenario, and despite that, still was the No. 1 pick overall and is doing fantastic in the NFL.

Jooseppi in Tahlequah asked: Landry could be the first quarterback taken in the 2013 draft. And Bob gets people to stay.

DU: Good points. No chance to go No. 1 this year.

Jimmy Jam in Tulsa asked: I didn't realize Cincinnati had 40,000 students...I could see Louisville and Cincy in the Big 12, giving it some geographic balance. Thoughts?

DU: It could happen. The Big 12's got some OK options. If it invited Louisville and Cincy, I'd probably be behind it. Would offer some additional stability for the league. But does it make sense?

Michael in Austin asked: Who has the best shot at beating LSU? OSU, OU, Stanford, or Oregon?

DU: Stanford. That said, I think OSU would beat Stanford handily.