Does Collin Klein deserve Heisman hype?

A special thanks to Josh in Salina, Kansas, a reader who brought this to my attention.

Let's compare a couple of guys.

Quarterback A

  • 112-of-192 (58.3 percent), 1,223 yards, 9 TD, 4 INT

  • 206 carries, 906 rushing yards, 19 TD

Quarterback B

  • 105-of-189 (55.6 percent), 1,510 yards, 7 TD, 10 INT

  • 203 carries, 1,115 rushing yards, 18 TD

Which would you rather take?

I won't play this game much longer.

Quarterback A, as you might have guessed, is Kansas State's Collin Klein, a guy who still has three more games left to play and has topped 90 yards rushing in each of his past four games.

But who is our man, Quarterback B? None other than Nebraska quarterback Eric Crouch in 2001, who led the Huskers to 11 consecutive wins before blowout losses to Colorado in the season finale and Miami in the national championship game. For his efforts, he was awarded the Heisman Trophy.

Klein's Wildcats are 7-2 after losses to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, both ranked in the BCS top six, which explains why Klein isn't getting an ounce of Heisman buzz.

Klein doesn't have the speedy, game-changing runs that Crouch made a living on in Lincoln. He's a workhorse with 206 carries, 47 more than any player in the Big 12. He's also third in the Big 12 in rushing (10 yards from second place) and only Wisconsin's Montee Ball has more rushing touchdowns.

By the time his bowl game has ended, Klein might have more passing yards and rushing yards than Crouch. He's got a lot more touches, but there's no competition in passing numbers. It's Klein by a long way.

You never really know what a Heisman field will look like. Cam Newton and Tim Tebow lapped the field when they won the award.

It's too late this year, and K-State may finish with too many losses for Klein to get any Heisman notice. But he's only a junior.

How about next year?