HornsNation: Time to tweak offense

Mack Brown, a coach with decades of experience, sat down Bryan Harsin, an assistant with only a few years experience, and made two strong and quite possibly impactful points Sunday.

"The number one thing is we can't plan on Joe [Bergeron] and Malcolm [Brown] to be ready on Saturday, and we can't plan on either of them playing the whole game if they are ready," the Texas coach said he told his co-offensive coordinator. "Because for two weeks we've been waiting, and Malcolm hasn't been ready for the two and Joe wasn't [ready for Missouri], and we anticipated that he would be. [The trainers] can't tell you what is going to happen. They don't know if a guy is going to get better or worse.

"Secondly, we've got to try and make things as simple for our quarterbacks as we can."

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