Garrett Gilbert opens up about UT exit

Garrett Gilbert's exit from Texas was unceremonious, an ugly start against BYU that ended with Gilbert on the sidelines and Texas celebrating a 17-16 win.

Gilbert's second-quarter benching was accompanied by boos and he never saw the field again before transferring to SMU while David Ash and Case McCoy teamed up to replace him under center.

Gilbert opened up to the Texas student newspaper, The Daily Texan, about his time at Texas and his decision to leave.

"I don’t know why it happened, but for whatever reason, it didn’t work out [at Texas]," Gilbert told The Daily Texan. "All my focus is forward. I try not to get disappointed by the past because I feel like I’ve got a great opportunity ahead of me."

Gilbert considered Clemson before he "fell in love" with SMU and coach June Jones' high-flying offense. The Austin native decided to head north to Texas and become a Mustang.

"It was frustrating last year," he said. "I know I’d accidentally read stuff sometimes. I tried not to. I tried to stay away from it."

He admitted he heard the boos, but admitted he didn't live up to his own expectations about Texas quarterbacks.

"The expectations were not too high," Gilbert said. "At Texas, every year, it’s 10 wins, national championship or bust. I knew that when I came to school here. I knew that [expectations] would be part of it when I came here."

Good stuff from the folks in Austin.

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