OSU receiver Justin Blackmon: Merman?

It's easy to be in awe of Oklahoma State receiver Justin Blackmon.

It should stay that way, writes Brian Phillips of Grantland.

...watching Justin Blackmon play college football is like watching a merman play water polo. There you are at the water polo meet. You're looking at water polo teams, teams filled with perfectly good water polo players, human beings who struggle and gasp and thrash around in the water, because water polo is hard, everyone knows that, but they're trying, and then suddenly this weird ripply streak goes tearing through the water, and you realize after a second that it's another water polo player, only this one's in his element, water polo is easy for him, and you're sort of torn between a water polo fan's appreciation of good water polo and a Homo sapiens' wonderment at the existence of a superior (at least as far as water polo is concerned) species. It's a form of direct contact with the wellspring of sports fandom, and it makes a lot of other stuff irrelevant.

Phillips offers up an anti-profile of Blackmon on Grantland, because Blackmon's play necessitates it.

Don't take the man out of the moment. Watch him live it. That's the best part.

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