DBs weigh in on playing against Blackmon

Justin Blackmon's a whole lot of fun to watch.

Most agree, with the exception of Big 12 defensive backs.

Grantland's Robert Mays asked a few about life facing Blackmon. Check out the full interview here.

A couple highlights:

When you were through with a couple of series, what’s the one thing that had surprised you most?

Nigel Malone, Kansas State: His focus. I think for a lot of people, the first thing that would jump out at them is his athletic ability. That’s something that does stand out, but the underrated thing about him is his focus. When you go out and play against somebody one-on-one like that, you really get to measure somebody, and the intensity and the focus I got from him you expect, but in the game, it’s different. It’s something you can feel, and he has a great amount of it.

You never knew when it was going to be a run and a pass. Deep down, a lot of receivers just want to focus on the ball. Blackmon is going to get on you and grind you. Even it’s a toss play the other way, he’s going to try to get his hands on you. That separates him from a lot of guys I played against.

Down in the red zone, where quarterback Brandon Weeden likes to throw that fade pattern to him in the corner of the end zone — how do you even try to stop that?

Carrington Byndom, Texas: You’ve got to force him to do one thing or the other. He can beat you with the fade, or he can beat you with the slant. It’s a challenge, for sure. He does use his body so well. You’ve just got to try to take away one thing.

After playing against him, where does he stack up among the best receivers you’ve had to cover?

Tyler Patmon, Kansas: It’s probably between him and [Oklahoma wide receiver] Ryan Broyles. They’re just great receivers.

Byndom: He’s definitely up at the top. Throughout the game, you can just tell what makes him so good.

Malone: It’s him. After that game, it’s him. As an overall player, what he can do on the field, it’s something that’s unmatched in football. Even from what I’ve seen on film and other things. Playing against him is different than what people have seen. Until you’ve gone out and played against him, you can’t appreciate some of the things he’s done on a football field.

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