Squinting to watch Baylor's domination in the trenches

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Thankfully, the high-speed connections at the fashionable Farmington Marriott in Bristol, Conn., are hooked up so I can see Baylor's game on the Internet.

In a way, it shouldn't be surprising considering that Washington State boarded an airplane today and flew nearly 1,500 miles on the day of the game to arrive in Waco.

The Cougars look like they left their legs behind, particularly on defense. With about five minutes left in the first half, the Bears already have gashed Washington State for 203 rushing yards as Baylor has cruised to a 28-14 lead.

I know my screen is pretty small, but I could swear that the old-school version of Randall Cunningham has morphed into Baylor QB Robert Griffin by rushing for 98 yards and passing for 61 more.

And Baylor's defense has been playing with a form that hasn't been seen very often along the Brazos. The Bears have forced three turnovers that have helped them score touchdowns on drives of two, two and four plays.