Franklin rebounding after tough first half

Missouri's James Franklin had just 47 yards passing in the first half.

He had more than that in one drive that went 94 yards in nine plays to put Missouri up 17-10 in the third quarter.

He looked much more comfortable on that drive and has yet to throw an incompletion in the second half after throwing three interceptions in the first.

That included a pair of difficult throws, a 22-yard strike over the middle to Jerrell Jackson before a pretty, lofted ball over the top of the defense for a 25-yard score to Wes Kemp that gave the Tigers a lead.

Mizzou got a nice break on a bad long snap on a punt earlier in the quarter that set up the first touchdown, but Franklin has shown some great mental makeup in this half. It'd be easy to get discouraged after the kind of performance Franklin had in the first 30 minutes, and he did look uncomfortable before heading into the locker.

Since then, he's looked as good throwing the ball as he has all season. Certainly a welcome sight for Missouri, who's taken control of this game.