Chat: A&M search, 2012, Big 12 vs. SEC

Thanks for all the questions today. 'Twas a fun chat. Here's the full transcript.

You can send me better questions if yours didn't make the cut.

Time for some highlights:

Steve (Austin): With the SEC getting two teams in the national championship game this season I think I know the answer to this question; but in your opinion what division was better, the 2011 SEC West or the 2008 Big 12 South.

David Ubben: Definitely the SEC West this year. Complain if you must, but that division is stacked.

Britton (Louisiana): If the Big 12 had actually gone out last year and added 2 teams to stay at 12, kept a championship game (instead of rearranging the regular season to have their teams play on Champion game Saturday), and OKState had won....does the 13th, true conferance championship game, give them the extra points needed to pass Bama in the polls?

David Ubben: Interesting. I'm going to say no on that one, but another quality win couldn't hurt. They probably would have played Kansas State in the championship, a second top 11 opponent in two weeks.

Ron (Trapped in a glass box of emotions): I'm sure your getting a lot of these today, but who do you see as a legit HC option for TAMU? I know names like Smart, Peterson, and Fedora have been tossed around ( I'm no fan of Sumlin getting the nod).

David Ubben: It sounds like there's a lot of wavering on a lot of guys. For me, that's one more reason why the Aggies shouldn't have fired Mike Sherman. There's no home run hire floating around out there. They'd have to somehow convince a big-name BCS conference coach to come, and that's never easy. The C-USA championship loss certainly came at an awful time for Sumlin if he wanted that A&M job. It's a big gig, though. They'll be near the top of the heap when it comes to getting coaches.

Jeff (Winston-Salem, NC): In my opinion one of the worst examples of the BCS is a Virginia Tech team that played Appalachian St., Arkansas State, Marshall and East Carolina in non-conference games. VT beat 3-9 Duke by 4 points, 5-7 East Carolina by 7 points, 4-8 Boston College (VT was losing until the middle of the 3rd quarter and won in unimpressive fashion), both 6-6 Miami and UNC by 3 points each (and VT didn't look like the better team in either game). What do you think?

David Ubben: You pretty much laid it out. Virginia Tech is not very good. I said this the past three weeks when the Hokies were inexplicably ahead of Oklahoma State in the coaches' poll.

Kevin (College Station, TX): When do I have to go to the SEC blog for my information. I'll miss you D.Ubss

David Ubben: We haven't talked about it yet, but I'm assuming some time before spring practice like we did with Nebraska and Colorado.

Willie (Manhattan): How could you possibly justify Virginia Tech in the sugar bowl over teams like Kansas State?

David Ubben: You can't.

Chris (D.C.): K-State and Arkansas in the Cotton is the only Big 12/SEC matchup in bowl games. Any chance K-State shows that the Big 12 is the better conference with an upset win?

David Ubben: There's a chance. I ranted about this on Twitter a bit on Sunday night. The Big 12 and the SEC have to find more opportunities to play each other, especially now that the Texas A&M-Arkansas series won't count. One game a year--the Cotton Bowl--isn't enough. These are the two best leagues. They should be playing each other. K-State's got a shot, but they'll have to be at their best.

RG3 (Waco): If I leave for the NFL, how does Baylor's season look next year?

David Ubben: They won't fall off like most think. Probably a fringe bowl team. Nick Florence should be pretty good after going through 2009 and learning a lot. Losing Kendall Wright is a huge hit, though, even if he stays.

Adam (Little Apple): Have you ever seen a team overachieve more in one season than K-State has this year?

David Ubben: Oklahoma State ... last year?

Max (KCK): Fair to say you grossly overestimated OU's draw in regards to your bowl game predictions vs. selection?

David Ubben: No, I'd say I grossly overestimated OU's ability to not get embarrassed by Oklahoma State.

Ginger Ross (Houston, TX): Who has a more legit claim of being jobbed by the BCS, Oklahoma State or Kansas State?

David Ubben: K-State by a long, long way.

Bryan (Dallas, TX): I'd like to compliment Coach Gundy on his handling of the media after learning his team did not make the championship. He is as classy as any coach out there and OSU should be proud.

David Ubben: Agree. He's handled this well. He's offered a few--excuse the pun--pokes of criticism, without going overboard and sounding like a crazy person.