Chat: TCU, Mizzou/SEC, Weis, OSU dropoff

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Not so concerned (in Manhattan): What's your take on Charlie Weis' vow to beat K-State in the coming years?

David Ubben: Good place to start. He's right. There's no reason why K-State should be better than Kansas. Bill Snyder is the difference. If Weis gets Kansas back to winning seasons and better than K-State like KU was toward the end of Mark Mangino's tenure, he'd make a whole lot of people in Lawrence happy.

Austin (Dallas): At what point do I start following Chris Low

David Ubben: Another few months of these questions? We'll probably do the same thing we did with Nebraska and Colorado with Mizzou and Texas A&M. Look for the official handoff before spring practice.

Ty (Stillwater): OSU really doesn't have that many players leaving this year. The thing I'm worried about is our QB. Who do you think will start? Chelf, Walsh, or Lunt? I'm thinking they will end up with at least a 9 game winning season. Thoughts?

David Ubben: Say what, Ty? Were you not watching Markelle Martin or Justin Blackmon? What about the offensive line, which loses four starters again? OSU probably has a shot to win nine games, but my money right now is on (Clint) Chelf. We'll see come spring.

Adam (Manhattan): If RG3 comes back, and K-State plays well, could we be looking at Baylor and Kansas State as the teams to beat for the Big XII title next season?

David Ubben: Would certainly be among the favorites, yes. Oklahoma can't be ignored. Texas and OSU could be right there, too.

St. Nick (Oklahoma): Hey Dubbenstein, two questions. One, I get he notion all Sooner fans secretly deep down want to see the Belldozer every play next season. What's your take on that? Two, how big is OSU's drop off after this year? They look like a 4 or 5 loss team without Weeden2Blackmon.

David Ubben: No way. There's not a better passer on Oklahoma's roster than Landry Jones and it's not close, no matter how frustrating Jones can be to Sooners fans sometimes. We touched on OSU, but I'd say that's about right. They seem like a 7-9-win team with some upside. They'll bring back a lot, but losing Weeden and Blackmon takes out a lot of "sure thing" plays. Like Mizzou this year, it'll depend on what they get of the QB spot.

The Onceler (What-ifs-Ville): Many OU fans crack me up being in panic mode after season. The season was over-hyped and OSU and Baylor were just better teams. No excuse for TT, but get over it. Why can't fans see the big picture, Relax...and realize that it is COLLEGE football and Mayhem happens? Why?

David Ubben: I've thought the same. This year didn't work out for OU, but it seems like a lot of folks that follow the program want wholesale changes. My take: This year's one more reminder that it's, to borrow a term, dadgum hard to win a national title. It's even harder when you lose guys like Whaley and Broyles. The Tech loss was horrible, but Oklahoma's fine. It suddenly looks really thin at receiver and running back, but that can be fixed in recruiting.

Chris (Houston): Another blue chipper from Texas transfers again. We've seen alot of this coming from Austin. How come?

David Ubben: They get a lot of blue chippers? They don't all work out. Not sure why, but it wasn't working for Darius White. Good decision to leave. Both sides will be better off. White couldn't crack the rotation during a bone-thin year at receiver. Not sure why. He could maybe make it happen somewhere else. Texas can recruit someone else to fill his scholarship.

Theo (Huxtable Household): What are the chances that Mizzou is in the Big XII next year?

David Ubben: .0000001. Will do so only if somehow strangled by lawyers.

Mack Brown (40 acres): Ubbs, I gotta qb problem. To JUCO, or not to JUCO? That, is the question.

David Ubben: Gotta go JUCO. That, or pull the trigger on a guy like Jacob Karam or Dayne Crist. Case McCoy and David Ash have a long, long way to go to prove they're "The Guy." Guys like Ash, even if they're true freshman, show more flashes than Ash did. He's not exactly going up against a murderer's row of defenses in the Big 12, either. His own defense is the Big 12's best.

Eric (Almost Heaven): Have you had the chance to see/feel the atmosphere at Mountaineer Field before? Specifically during the LSU and Pitt games.

David Ubben: I haven't. Really looking forward to seeing a game at TCU and WVU next year, as well as visiting in the spring.

Rickey (Dallas): Why does everyone believe TCU will stink it up next year in the Big 12? They bring back almost everyone except their secondary, who didn't play that well this season anyways. With a roster full of underclassmen and G Pat at the helm, I would have to believe they are a top 3 team next year in the Big 12.

David Ubben: You're reading the wrong folks, Rickey. I think the transition to playing tough games week-to-week will keep TCU from winning the Big 12, but they should win about nine games next year. Will be solid. I can't wait to watch Casey Pachall, Josh Boyce and Skye Dawson.