Daniel and Sanchez share laughs, playing tips

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Missouri's Chase Daniel and USC's Mark Sanchez share a close friendship that has been bolstered by the fact that both players are starting quarterbacks for two of the nation's top teams.

Daniel told Columbia Tribune beat writer Dave Matter that both remain close and communicate often during the season.

"Actually, I just got a text from him," Daniel told Matter in his weekly "Cut to the Chase" segment on his Behind the Stripes blog. "He's goofy. A lot of people don't realize how funny and how goofy he is."

Sanchez's on-camera attitude is a marked contrast from how the USC quarterback usually acts, Daniel said.

"He acts so serious in some of his interviews and clips on ESPN. But he's a fun-loving guy," Daniel said. "He's having a great time. He realizes he has a monumental task at hand with all the Heisman winners there. What he's been able to do these first two games, I think he's in pretty good standing."