How Gundy ended up on a mechanical bull

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- By now, you've probably seen it. Or at least you should have.

As part of the "unofficial" portion of preparations for No. 3 Oklahoma State's Fiesta Bowl game against No. 4 Stanford, Cowboys coach Mike Gundy mounted a mechanical bull at a Phoenix metroplex establishment.

How'd it happen? It all started with a challenge from Gundy's sons.

The two youngest of Gundy's three sons actually wanted to ride the bull, so Gundy gave them money to do so, but they returned shortly with sad news.

"They came back and said 'You've got to be 18,' so I said, 'Well, you guys are a long ways from being 18," Gundy said after Saturday's practice. "So sit down and eat your dinner."

This tale, though, was far from over. They told their dad to ride the bull.

"I said, 'I'm not riding that thing,'" Gundy said. "The little one said, 'That's because you can't stay on it.'"

At that point? Well, it was very clearly "on."

I said, 'I can stay on it,' and so on and so forth, and there it went," Gundy said. "I got a little nervous when you had to sign off and sign a waiver, a release of liability I guess. But it was a good time."

And it was a good ride from Gundy, who held his own pretty well with the metallic, horned beast.

Gundy, though, never imagined the story would end with yet another instance of Internet stardom.

"There wasn't that many people there, it was like 6:30," he said. "I kind of thought about that for a second, but thought, 'Nobody here even cares.' But, obviously, that wasn't the case."

No, no it was not.