Looking back on all of OSU's 2011 uniforms

Uniform lovers, unite.

Oklahoma State has provided the tools.

The Cowboys offered up their "OSUni Tracker" this week, which was needed. They've had a lot.

They debuted new Nike threads this year with 48 possible combinations. The Cowboys used 13. You can see all 13 on the Uni Tracker here.

Now that Oklahoma State's season is done, which were your favorites?

Here's how I'd vote:

Best overall element: Matte black helmets. They just looked sharp and great on TV. You saw them in the Fiesta Bowl when the Cowboys broke out their all-black uniforms. They wore the black helmets in each of the final three games of the season, actually. A good look. If they had to pick one helmet (it's great that they don't), it should be the black one.

Worst overall element: Gray jerseys. Be thankful this game was on a tiny broadcast against an awful opponent. Yeesh, Cowboys. Oklahoma State broke them out just once, the season opener. They looked terrible and the sweat stains didn't help. Burn these, OSU. Please.

Second worst overall element: Gray helmets. Looked too much like cheap plastic. I thought they'd be great. They just weren't. The Aggies broke these out for the first time against Texas A&M, and in context, it looked pretty good. On its own, though? Blech.

My biggest complaint? Oklahoma State needs to utilize its orange elements more. The numbers on the orange jerseys are admittedly difficult to read, which is a practical problem, but that is the school's predominant color. Fans don't chant "GRAY! POWER!" It ought to try and experiment with an orange helmet, but next year, give the numbers on the orange jerseys black trim to fix the numbers problem.

Ranking the uniforms from top to bottom (click on each game for a photo of the uniform):

1. Stanford: Black helmets, black jerseys, black pants

2. Tulsa: White alternate helmets (black OSU logo), white jerseys, black pants

3. Kansas State: Gray helmets, black jerseys, gray pants.

4. Arizona: White helmets, black jerseys, black pants

5. Oklahoma: Black helmets, orange jerseys, black pants

6. Missouri: White helmets, white jerseys, white pants

7. Kansas: Black helmets, black jerseys, orange pants

8. Texas: Black helmets, white jerseys, black pants

9. Baylor: Gray helmets, orange jerseys, gray pants

10. Texas A&M: Gray helmets, white jerseys, gray pants

11. Iowa State: Black helmets, white jerseys, orange pants

12. Texas Tech: White helmets, white jerseys, gray pants

13. Louisiana-Lafayette: White helmets, gray jerseys, white pants