Chat: Stoops, playoff, more

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Ryan (MO): What do you think would help our defense become great again? Is Mike S. coming back going to make it better?

David Ubben: Yeah, that could help. Clearly, Mike Stoops is a coach who has learned a lot as a head coach. How long he'll be back at Oklahoma is anyone's guess, but defensive improvement seems likely. I don't know how "great" an Oklahoma defense is going to be in the offense-heavy Big 12, but it can be better. It doesn't need to be much better for OU to win big. The key in this league, more than anything, is limiting big plays. OU had big issues in that area.

alan (stillwatet): hey ubbs, i was driving around campus and saw that they are building the practice facility for OSU. My question is do the practice facilities really make a difference or is it more of a recruiting thing?

David Ubben: Well, in OSU's case, it'll be a big help. Tech, too, if they can get an indoor facility of their own. It helps in recruiting, but mostly, it's a lack of headache. When the weather's bad, OSU has to alter their practice schedule. Not many others in the Big 12 has to deal with that. Tech can use the indoor facility at Frenship High, but not all the time. It's a headache and a runaround to get players in the loop. Now, for OSU, that headache is about to go away.

Wade (San Diego): If the Big 12 decided to go to 14 teams, which 4 teams would you add?

David Ubben: Nebraska, Missouri, Texas A&M, Colorado.

Connor R (Beamont, TX): I just want to know what it is that you do not see in David Ash? That being said, was the decision for Texas not to pursue the JuCo quarterback a good one or a bad one? My money is on the negative but let's hope I'm wrong.

David Ubben: He didn't show a lot this year to make people believe he can be a special QB like you need in the Big 12. That said, I do buy into the theory that his growth was stunted by a lack of reps in spring and fall camp, as well as limited work in summer 7-on-7. That'll change this offseason. We'll know just how good David Ash can be about halfway through his sophomore year. He doesn't need to be great, but he needs to show a lot more than he did this year.

Mark L (Saint Louis, MO): Hey Ubbs love your commentary, i have one question to ask. I know people are down on THE MISSOURI TIGERS. Do you think with the team they have are they going to finish near the top, middle or the bottom and why.

David Ubben: Meh, I don't think too many people are down on them. I think Mizzou's got a great chance to be a big contender in the SEC East next year. They'll probably be the third-best team in the division right away, but UGA and USC aren't teams that will completely outclass Mizzou or require Mizzou to go 11-1 to win the division. 9-3 might win it. The Tigers will be right there immediately. In the long run, however, I think Mizzou might be in for some lean years as its recruiting philosophy shifts.

Candice (Tulsa): Why do you think OSU's recruiting isn't sky rocketing after their successful year? What do you think they can do to change it?

David Ubben: Usually a season like this takes a year to sort of grab hold on the recruiting trail and show some dividends. We'll see what the 2013 class looks like. OSU was pretty good last year, though. Cowboys fans have to be a little disappointed with an underwhelming class that was good early, but they lost a few commits like Kendall Sanders and Bralon Addison that would have probably put this class near the top 25.

george (Baton Rouge): Dear Big 12, please take Les Miles back

David Ubben: LOLSU.

Steve (Austin, TX): What do you think the chances are that Texas is able to steal DGB away from Arkansas?

David Ubben: I will say this and only this, re: DGB: I will be shocked if he goes to Texas.

Chris (DC): What are your thoughts on a potential plus-one? Do you think this would help or hurt the Big XII? Would you want a seeded plus-one (basically, a 4-team playoff) or just an extra game after the current BCS bowls (play the BCS bowls minus the NCG, rerank the teams, then have 1 vs 2)?

David Ubben: I love the idea. I had sort of given up on a playoff and stopped being emotionally invested, but now that there's some momentum in making it a reality, I want it badly. I don't think it has a huge effect on the Big 12 either way. It'll come down to beating the SEC. I like the idea of playing the first round of semifinals the week after championship weekend, and sending the losers to the bowls with a four-team playoff at the end of the bowls.

Matt (Dallas): Does Art Briles have another QB phenom recruit in the wings that he's managed to keep a secret so far?

David Ubben: Well, if he told us he'd have to kill us, right?

Seems like he'll throw him out there and everybody will rip on Texas for not having him like always. Won't be next year, though. Seems like Baylor's about to be Nick Florence's team. Showed some nice things in the win over Tech this year. Much improved from a guy that struggled in 2009.