Updating the ESPNU 150 in the Big 12

Our recruiting analysts have updated the list of the nation's top 150 prospects with less than two weeks to go until signing day. Here's who's announced plans to head to Big 12 schools.

No. 2: Johnathan Gray, RB, Aledo (TX) -- Texas

No. 12: Malcom Brown, DT, Brenham (TX) -- Texas

No. 42: Evan Boehm, OL, Lee's Summit West (MO) -- Missouri

No. 54: Dominique Wheeler, WR, Crockett (TX) -- Texas Tech

No. 56: Trey Williams, RB, Houston, TX (Dekaney) -- Texas A&M

No. 57: Peter Jinkens, LB, Dallas, TX (Skyline) -- Texas

No. 58: Kennedy Estelle, OT, Pearland (TX) -- Texas

No. 60: Sterling Shepard, WR, Oklahoma City, OK (Heritage Hall) -- Oklahoma

No. 64: Durron Neal, WR, St. Louis, Mo. (DeSmet) -- Oklahoma

No. 70: Alex Ross, RB, Jenks (OK) -- Oklahoma

No. 73: Devonte Fields, Arlington, TX (James Martin) -- TCU

No. 78: Curtis Riser, OG, Desoto (TX) -- Texas

No. 79: Bryson Echols, CB, Desoto (TX) -- Texas

No. 87: Reginald Davis, WR, Tenaha (TX) -- Texas Tech

No. 97: Alex Norman, DT, Dallas, TX (Bishop Dunne) -- Texas

No. 103: Jordan Richmond, OLB, Denton, TX (Ryan) -- Texas A&M

No. 107: Matt Davis, QB, Houston, TX (Klein Forest) -- Texas A&M

No. 120: Michael Starts, OT, Waco, TX (La Vega) -- Texas Tech

No. 126: Dominic Ramacher, TE, Denton, TX (Ryan) -- Oklahoma State

No. 129: Bralon Addison, WR, Missouri City, TX (Hightower) -- Texas A&M

No. 130: Connor Brewer, QB, Scottsdale, AZ (Chapparal) -- Texas

No. 137: Derrick Woods, WR, Inglewood (CA) -- Oklahoma

No. 139: Ford Childress, QB, Houston, TX (Kinkaid) -- West Virginia

No. 141: Daje Johnson, ATH, Pflugerville, TX (Hendrickson) -- TCU

No. 144: De'Vante Harris, CB, Mesquite, TX (Horn) -- Texas A&M

No. 147: Cayleb Jones, WR, Austin, TX (S.F. Austin) -- Texas

No. 148: Ty Darlington, OC, Apoka (FL) -- Oklahoma

For the counters among you, that's 27 of the nation's top 150 players coming to the Big 12, with plenty of uncommitted players still on the board. We'll revisit those later.