Chat: WVU, OU, new stars, Big 12 expand?

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mike (WV): best O in B12 next year - including WVU? Does Smith have a shot at the Heisman?

David Ubben: He's got a shot, sure. The Big 12 should be deep next year, though. It's going to tough for Geno to win it. As for the best offense in the Big 12 next year, certainly WVU will be in the mix. Don't overlook OSU or Baylor, too, even with new quarterbacks. I'll lean Oklahoma for now, but we'll see how the spring shakes out.

Kyle (St. Louis): As a Missouri fan we have seen great tight ends in recent memory (rucker, coffman, and now egnew) but there game hasn't translated to the NFL. Do you see egnew making an impact at the next level?

David Ubben: To me, it's all about the fit. Coffman and Rucker didn't land in situations that sort of fit their receiving talents. Ultimately, I think that's what will decide Egnew's fate. I don't know if he'll ever develop into the blocker needed in the NFL, but there's room for receiving tight ends in this league, as we've seen in these playoffs. Why can't Egnew be that kind of guy?

Chris (BCS, TX): Ok Ubbs... Honestly... how bad are my Aggies going to get killed in the SEC... I didn't like the idea from the begining but here we are so what do you think?

David Ubben: Ha. It's a trap! Here's the thing: The West is going to be tough on A&M in the immediate future. The Aggies are young. Finishing 6-6 in 2012 would be a good start. Meanwhile, Missouri is experienced and in a much less difficult division. I could see Mizzou winning 9-10 games in Year One. Over time, A&M should improve a bit, depending on how Sumlin works out. As for Mizzou, sustaining success is going to be a little more difficult.

Candice (Tulsa): If Clint Chelf comes out and plays a lot better than everyone expects him to, do you think OSU could win the Big 12? I'm an optimistic so I would like to think so. Plus, I would like all the haters (ahem, OU and Texas fans) to realize OSU is on the rise, and will be an elite team from here on out. Thoughts?

David Ubben: It's possible. OSU's got a good team coming back. The running backs should allow Chelf's margin of error to be a little bit larger. I'm not betting on it, but like I've written before: The Big 12 is wide open this year. There are easily 6-7 teams who could realistically win the Big 12 this year. Last year, there were only three. OSU's fortunate to be in both groups.

Jamie (Dallas): If Baylor's new stadium gets built in, say, the next 3 seasons, is that a game changer for the Bears in the recruiting field and if re-alignment evers rears its ugly head again?

David Ubben: Yeah, it could be. Realignment seems like it'll be quiet in the Big 12 until 2017 or so, but it can't hurt. More valuable for Baylor than any stadium? Keeping Art Briles.

Jeff (Columbia, MO): Is there any indication on when more information will come out on the WVU v. Big East? Is there still a chance the Big East could hold WVU to the 27 month 'we'll be here in case you change your mind' period?

David Ubben: They're undergoing non-binding mediation in the near future. There's a belief that said mediation could result in a deal that allows WVU to leave early but pay additional damages beyond the $5 million exit fee in the Big East.

danan (albuquerque): is tim kish a good hire for ou

David Ubben: I don't know the guy, but it's always a good thing when you can bring in an experienced guy who's dealt with more responsibilities at other times in his career to come be a position coach.

Ubben For President (Irving, TX): David, Do you think KSU's 10 win season this year was a fluke, or do you think that next year's season will sure up 2011's close wins?... Thanks for keeping me entertained during a slow day at work.!-Jacob

David Ubben: Here's how K-State looks: Was this year a fluke? Yeah, a little bit. The performance in close games (8-1) was insane. But next year, they bring back a TON and will be a better team. They'll have a good shot to win 10 games again. The odds are probably against that happening a little bit, but they'll come close.

Pete (Georgia): Which schools seriously would like to go back to 12 teams?

David Ubben: Not really much momentum to make it happen in the Big 12 for now. I could certainly see that changing in the future.

Tony (Richmond, CA): Who will Mike Gundy lean on to fill the big shoes left by Blackmon's depature to the NFL?

David Ubben: A lot of receivers. Won't be just one guy. Tracy Moore could slide in. Mike Harrison. Josh Stewart. They've got a lot of guys with a lot of potential.