Weeden making waves at Senior Bowl

The Senior Bowl's hosting what's essentially become a QB competition between lone seniors Nick Foles and Brandon Weeden to prove they're the No. 3 quarterback in the draft.

Brock Osweiler is a junior and Texas A&M's Ryan Tannehill is out this week with a broken foot.

The result so far?

About the same as the last time Foles and Weeden met on the field for real.

Draft analyst Todd McShay has the report. You'll need InsiderInsider to see it all, but you can probably guess how Weeden's week has been.

...after watching things up close I've been surprised how much better Weeden's performance has been.

It's hard not to be impressed with Weeden. From the tempo of his drops to the quickness of his decisions to his consistent accuracy, especially beyond 10 yards, he is putting on exactly the kind of performance he needed. Weeden is proving that he is not a product of Oklahoma State's wide-open system and the talent of standout WR Justin Blackmon, that he can make all the throws and has a legitimate chance to be a starter in the NFL.

McShay also addresses the age issue, which was an unnecessary, worn-out talking point in college. In the pros, though, it's a very legitimate point.

If Weeden sits a year, as most rookies should/do, he'll be a 30-year-old starter in his first season. By comparison, McShay writes, Eli Manning started as a 30-year-old this season.

More from McShay:

Again, two days is a very small sample, and even if Weeden outplays the strong-armed Foles the rest of the week it wouldn't necessarily mean Weeden is the better prospect. It would make for a much tougher decision, though.

If you asked me to decide between the two and I saw Weeden perform better on a level playing field with my own eyes, I would have to think hard about taking Foles ahead of him, even with the age issue as a consideration.

He's a fascinating prospect. Personally, I have a hard time believing an NFL GM wouldn't want to take a chance on him and forget about the age issue if he was sold on Weeden over Foles. We'll see, though.

One Big 12 player whose stock is dropping this week?

Texas A&M receiver Jeff Fuller.

From Steve Muench:

Fuller had a hard time sinking his hips and transitioning in and out of breaks. He also showed no ability to vary the speed and tempo of his routes. Fuller was simply too methodical and lacked burst, and his methodical movements telegraphed any double moves. He did make a nice catch over the middle during the team period, but Fuller also let some balls bounce off his chest. He has to be more consistent if he hopes to prove to teams he can be a solid possession-type receiver in the NFL.

Plenty more to come this week from our team at the Senior Bowl.