Chat: Fixing UT, 2012, post-realignment?

Thanks for all the questions today.

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Time for a few highlights from today's chat.

JimmyMac (you tell me...): Dear NostraDubben, Love your predictions. What is your forecast on the top 3-4 point scoring teams in Big12 next year in order? Also, Will Blake Griffin ever outdo last night's dunk?

David Ubben: I'm gonna go with Oklahoma, West Virginia, Oklahoma State and ...wait for it ... Baylor. Glad you enjoyed my predictions. Here's another: Yes, Griffin will top that before the season is done.

Chris Alabama [via mobile]: I see Texas Tech winning 8 to 10 games this upcoming season because of they have experience & have added some depth on both sides of the ball. I also expect seth Doege to be even better with his decision making & will be the leader of a Top-5 offense in FBS. Is this possible?

David Ubben: I don't quite buy the 10-win idea, but I'd be absolutely shocked if Tech, which brings back basically all of last year's team, which was a little snakebit, didn't make a bowl. I'd probably put the over/under on wins at 7.5.

Grant (OKC): Do you think Mike Stoops will have an immediate impact on the Sooners' D, especially by eliminating giving up the big play?

David Ubben: I do. There's no guarantee, and it's unrealistic to expect them to go back to Steel Curtain-type defenses from the early 2000s, but Stoops is a big upgrade. He never quite got it going on defense at Arizona, but he'll have a whole new brand of athlete at OU. No excuse if Oklahoma's not one of the best defensive teams in the league next year.

Matt (Mansfield TX): What does Texas have to do to be successful in 2012? Not just 7-6, more like 9-3 or 10-2?

David Ubben: Become a legitimate passing threat. Right now, UT's got the worst passing attack in the entire league. That won't cut it if you want to win big. They need a QB that can be consistently accurate, and receivers who can make plays with the ball in their hands after the catch. The running game is solid and going to get better fast. The passing game is holding UT back.

Kyle (St Louis): Do you see Mizzou competing for the SEC East next year? Also, how has there recruiting changed? Have they been able to get into SEC territory or does that usually happen after they have played some games and competed in the conference? Thanks!

David Ubben: Yeah, I do. Mizzou should be solid in Year 1 over yonder. USC and UGA will be better teams, but teams Mizzou can beat. They'll be in the conversation to win the East. I wouldn't pick the Tigers to win, but it could definitely happen. Just have to handle the transition. As for recruiting, they've grabbed a couple Florida guys this year, but the Tigers will get deeper into FL and ATL as time goes on.

L. Edgar (Las Vegas): David: One of the big questions in conference realignment was the effect leaving the Big 12 would have on recruiting in Texas. With a year being in the books tomorrow and more to come, how have the schools that left the Big 12 done? Nebraska and Colorado last year, Mizzou and A&M this year. Did any of those schools lose or win big time in the current recruiting battle? Thanks.

David Ubben: Well, A&M will be fine in Texas. Recruiting there could boom or slide with the SEC. I think it will trend toward the latter as A&M struggles in the SEC West early, but over time, we'll see. Nebraska's recruiting in Texas was really minuscule this year, but it also had a small class. Colorado never quite established itself in Texas like the other Big 12 teams did. Missouri's got another big class in Texas this year, but I expect that to shrink a bit as the years go by in the SEC. A&M won big this year among teams that switched leagues, but this class has been loaded since the summer. I don't think the SEC had all that much to do with that.

wade (san diego): If WVU can't be in the Big12 next year, what are the teams goin go to do to get another team scheduled. Don't most FBS teams have their scheds already filled out for next year? Would hate to see Texas play a FCS school.

David Ubben: First off, everyone seems convinced that WVU is in the Big 12 next year. No guarantees, but WVU sounds willing to pay whatever it takes. If they can't though, yeah, you're going to see a lot of awful paycheck games next year.

Joel (College Station): Do you think with all the recent de-commits that A&M's 2012 recruiting class turns into one we would rather forget than remember?

David Ubben: Meh. No one cares about that stuff, save a few exceptions, in a couple years. If a couple guys from any class become All-Americans or even all-conference guys, that's pretty good. You need lots of contributors. This class should be great for the Aggies.

Peter (London): David, I have heard a lot of confidence around the blogosphere about next years horns; Blogger's whose analysis tends to be fairly objective and accurate. They have the horns as a potential top 10 next year, with a bone crunching Defence and a competent offense. You seems to be a little bit more cautious. Is your reservation purely based on Ash or is it more fundamental.

David Ubben: Yeah, I'm a little more tentative. I was 100 percent against giving UT a preseason top 25 nod last year. This year, they've earned it. Anywhere around 18-22 seems right to me. They'll have the potential to be much better, but I don't see Texas finishing the year in the top 15 unless David Ash shows a ton of development and Texas' receivers mature a bit.

MoTexan (Missery): I agree with you in that Texas' passing game needs to improve. Will it be better next year? You obviously cant compete in the B-12 without a solid pass capability.

David Ubben: The potential is there. I totally buy the idea that a) David Ash's growth was stunted in the offseason because he was so far down the depth chart, and Garrett Gilbert was the guy and b) HE WAS A TRUE FRESHMAN. He didn't show a lot of flashes, but he doesn't need to be great. He just needs to be good when he's got the support of that defense and what will be a scary-good running game.

Beudreaux (San Antonio, Texas): DU, Griffins gone, Gannaway, and Wright as well... Nick Florence showed servicability, but do you think the Baylor Bears have the Skill players to fill those shoes and get to 10 wins again??? That is of course if the defense gets better.

David Ubben: Yeah, I think so. QB is a question. I think Florence will be a bit above average. Not much above that. Seastrunk and the receiving corps will be really good, though. Maybe a little underrated in the receivers because they don't have any real household names now that Wright's gone.

Will (Morgantown, WV): While I don't know if you have personal experience in Morgantown, I'm sure you've seen Mountaineer Field and the Coliseum on TV at some point. Based on that, where would you rank our football venue heading into the Big 12 (Obviously the competition in the Big 12 is much stiffer than the Big East, where a state of less than 2 million people had the largest fan base).

David Ubben: I've never been, but I'm really, really excited to get out there this spring, or whenever the Mountaineers get invited. I'll post some observations and where they rank, too.

wade (san diego): With Missouri and A&M going to the SEC, will they be able to claim all of the previous SEC championships as their own like all SEC teams or will they have to wait for the ones that are won while they are in the conference?

David Ubben: I think we all know the answer to that question.