What will realignment waves look like?

Colleague Chris Low weighed in with a column today as we said goodbye to Missouri on the Big 12 blog, offering up some thoughts on realignment from the SEC's perspective.

From a purely football perspective, the league has never been healthier.

What will Missouri and Texas A&M add to the equation?

The truth is that both schools probably needed the SEC more than the SEC needed them.

The fertile recruiting ground in the state of Texas will be more inviting than ever before for SEC coaches now that a marquee school from that state is in the league.

The Aggies also have a long, rich tradition in football with a fan base that's both passionate and demanding.

It's a crowd that will fit in well in the SEC, where fans' idea of patience is giving the coach an extra day to pack his boxes before the moving van pulls up to his curb.

Both Missouri and Texas A&M are solid enough programs that it's just going to be that much harder to make it through the grind of the SEC.

But the grind will be what Missouri and Texas A&M have the hardest time adjusting to, because there's no way to prepare for it other than going through it and learning to survive on the fly.

It takes time, too.

Plenty more from our man C-Low in the full column.