Is Texas Tech ready for a rise?

Texas Tech has struggled to just 13 wins over the past two seasons, but could that soon change?

Will the Red Raiders join college football's elite soon?

Football Outsiders' Brian Fremeau says it could happen.

Tommy Tuberville will have to settle for Texas leftovers for the most part in head-to-head recruiting battles with Texas and Texas A&M. But there may be enough talent in the Lone Star State to keep everyone happy. The Red Raiders pulled in the third-best recruiting class in the Big 12 according to ESPN, and the cumulative talent ranks fourth in the conference according to our weighted measure.

The incoming class features playmakers who may see the field immediately or may simply build depth for long-term program success. Texas Tech has one of the most experienced offenses and defenses in the nation returning in 2012, a formula for success that helped power Oklahoma State's surge last season. A Big 12 championship would be a big stretch, but Texas Tech can't be overlooked in the coming seasons.

I'd agree with all of that. Talent isn't Texas Tech's problem. Defensive continuity and injuries are the problems. Fix those, and we could see Tech moving on up.