Big voids left behind in the Big 12

Looking around the Big 12, you'll notice plenty of missing faces in 2012.

Who are the most consequential?

ESPN Insider Brock Huard weighed in with the five biggest in college football.

Baylor topped the list and Oklahoma State checked in at No. 4.

There are many reasons I won't soon forget the 2011 Valero Alamo Bowl, a game I saw in person. And most of them have to do with watching Robert Griffin III and the Bears churn out 777 yards of offense. The QB they call Superman showed on the ground and through the air why the most recently awarded Heisman Trophy resides in Waco, Texas. ...

Couple the loss of Griffin with the graduations of the most productive wide receiver in the school's history (Kendall Wright) and a 1,500-yard, 240-pound battering ram at running back (Terrance Ganaway) and it becomes clear that Art Briles has a lot of offense to find.

What about Oklahoma State?

Although it would be easy to point to the attrition on offense (the Pokes are losing three of their top four leading receivers and 60 percent of their starting offensive line, in addition to Weeden), the biggest losses facing Oklahoma State might be on the other side of the ball. In the pass-happy Big 12, where disrupting and harassing a quarterback are essential to success, the loss of senior defensive ends Richetti Jones and Jamie Blatnick will be enormous. Those two were the leading sackers in 2011 and played a lot of football in their five seasons in Stillwater.

Interesting take there. I'd probably lean toward the more obvious option of Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon, but what do you think?

How will Baylor replace RG3 and OSU replace its defensive ends?

You can read more about both in the full story.