Aggies reverting to 2008 form

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

ARLINGTON, Texas -- It looks like Texas A&M has stepped in the way back machine, showing the struggles that repeatedly bedeviled them last season.

Arkansas has raced to a 37-13 lead. Ryan Mallett has done a masterful job in isolating his running backs against the slower Texas A&M linebackers. The result has been four Mallett touchdown passes as the Aggies have struggled defensively for the first time this season.

After national sack leader Von Miller was a force on the first two possessions, Arkansas has done a great job of neutralizing him. I've barely seen him involved in a play since early in the game.

And Jerrod Johnson is having the same problems as last season. Arkansas defensive ends Adrian Davis and Jake Bequette have repeatedly whipped Texas A&M freshman tackle Stephen Barrera and Lee Grimes to keep heavy pressure on Johnson.

If the Aggies play like they have tonight, they will have difficulty escaping the Big 12 South cellar. The secret has been to rush Johnson, which I'm sure Big 12 coordinators will quickly pick up on.