Which Big 12 coach do you hate most?

Generally, I think the Big 12 coaching fraternity is exactly that: fraternal.

Unlike their hoops brethren, there's not a lot of hate being thrown between the league's coaches. The Big Ten and SEC can't say that. Certainly the Pac-12 (What's your deal?!) can't stake that claim either.

But maybe I'm wrong. Inspired by the Big Ten blog, it's time for a poll.

Have the Big 12 coaches given you a reason to hate them? Which ones do you hate most?

Mack Brown's and Bob Stoops names come up first, but if I'm guessing, I think it's mostly what comes with the territory of coaching the two teams in the Big 12 that win the most often, and winning a whole lot over their decade-plus tenures.

Baylor's exercised a little bit of upward mobility in recent years, and at least one media flap didn't earn Art Briles any friends. Baylor's rise has ruffled a few feathers, so Briles becomes an option on this poll.

Beyond that, though, I think the Big 12's lacking for guys some fans hate these days. Beyond those three, I don't know if anybody fits the bill.

Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy has outrun his rant into a Big 12 title with homegrown players and recruiting classes that were just OK.

Everybody loves Paul Rhoads and Bill Snyder, two guys who hang their hat on maximizing talent more than anyone else in the league. Heck, half the coaches in the Big 12 worked for Snyder at one point.

Tommy Tuberville hasn't quite done enough or won enough in the Big 12 to make very many enemies. Bring up Tuberville's "pine box" and most Big 12 fans wouldn't respond with much more than a "Huh?"

Anybody feeling angry at the new guys? TCU's Gary Patterson or second-year coach/former OSU coordinator Dana Holgorsen? What about Kansas' Charlie Weis? He's disliked nationally for flaming out at Notre Dame, but do Big 12 fans have an emotional response?

So, who do you dislike the most? Vote in our poll and tell us in the comments.

Today's Valentine's Day, but there's plenty of room for less than lovey-dovey stuff. Here's your chance.