West Virginia AD Luck talks Big 12 entrance

West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck spoke with media earlier today after the university and Big East announced the Mountaineers would be leaving for the Big 12 on July 1, its intended departure date since announcing it had accepted an invitation to the Big 12 in late October.

He was not permitted to discuss terms of the agreement between WVU and the Big East as part of the settlement.

Here's a bit of what he had to say.

Big 12 revenue sharing formula is set

We discussed this back when TCU and West Virginia first announced their intentions to leave the Big East for the Big 12, but Luck confirmed it again on Tuesday.

In Year 1, both schools will receive 50 percent of an expected $18-19 million payout. Those payouts will grow along with the league's backloaded television contracts, but TCU and WVU will receive 67 percent of their payout in 2013.

"Where they move in the next 3-4 years, I’m not sure I can share," Luck said of the growing television payouts. "I don’t know."

In 2014, they will receive 80 percent of their television money before jumping to a full share in 2015, the duo's fourth year in the league.

Texas A&M and Missouri will receive full shares of SEC revenue in their first year in the league.

Beer will be sold at games in Morgantown

Visiting Big 12 fans and concerned Mountaineers don't have to wonder anymore. Beer will be served in the stadium.

"The Big 12 does not have any rules or regulation regarding beer sales, and our intent is to continue to do what we have done," Luck said. "It's certainly subject to any decision the board of governors may make."

WVU hosts Baylor, Kansas State, TCU and Oklahoma next season.

Backyard Brawl will likely go on hiatus

West Virginia's chief rival is Pitt, but like the Lone Star Showdown and Border War in the Big 12, it'll be ending after this recent round of realignment.

Unlike the Big 12 rivalries, though, it may soon be resumed. It's "pretty obvious" it won't be played 2012, but Luck was hopeful it could be continued in the future.

"It’ll be difficult to schedule," he said, citing the nine-game conference schedules in the Big 12 and Pitt's impending new home, the ACC. "I certainly would welcome a conversation with [Pitt AD] Steve Pederson."

The Big East, an eight-team league, played just seven conference games.

No culture shock for the Mountaineers

Luck reiterated how well he thought West Virginia fits in the Big 12 culturally.

"As our fans begin to get to know the schools that are in the Big 12, they'll find schools that have a lot of commonality with us," he said. "They're large public institutions, many of them with enrollments the size of West Virginia's. There are great land-grant universities, in some cases serving largely rural constituencies. You think about Iowa State or Kansas or Kansas State. Great research institutions, similar things that our academic and research folks will find with the Big 12. I think as we go into the conference and start to have shared experiences in all the different sports, our fan base will really warm up to what's really a tremendous conference."