Big 12 fans: Your help is needed

I mentioned this in Friday's mailbag, but it's time to officially get started.

It's going to be a fun spring.

We started earlier this month innocently trying to introduce West Virginia and TCU to the rest of the Big 12 from the people who know the campus best: the locals.

Here's the guide to Morgantown.

And the guide to Fort Worth.

But then I heard from lots and lots of you: "Let us introduce the new guys (and everyone else, I suppose) to our towns!"

Ted Miller and the Pac-12 blog did something similar awhile back, but the people have spoken. It's time to make it happen.

Time to introduce us to your campuses. Where should fans eat? Got tips to make game day easier and more enjoyable? What should fans see in the city? What can they expect in the stadium on game day? Let us know.

We'll go right down the alphabet with this one.

Baylor, you're up first. The rest of you, hold your suggestions until later.

Bears fans, show the rest of the Big 12 around.

Send your tips to my mailbag right here. I'll run the best later this week.

This should be fun. I'm sure we'll all learn a lot, and the result should be more enjoyable fall weekends. Who doesn't love that?