Future Longhorn talking a tough game

ESPNHS took a look at the most punishing positions in sports, and among them, to no one's surprise, is an offensive lineman.

For the exercise, they talked to 2013 Texas commit Jake Raulerson, the first official member of Texas' recruiting class that can begin signing with the school next February.

Says Raulerson:

"I've broken every finger, and all my nails are deformed from getting stepped on in the pile or getting them jacked up in an opponent's pads. I have no idea where I'll put my wedding ring. That's just the way it goes. I wouldn't call a broken finger an injury -- they come with the territory."

Now, this may come as a surprise, but as a blogger, I would consider a broken finger an injury. How else could I bring you daily musings on the Big 12?

It'd certainly be difficult.

Here's more from Raulerson:

"I go hard on every play, that's just the way I am. There was one game I played and I was just dog-tired after. I got on the bus, laid down in my pads and just passed out from exhaustion all the way home."


Raulerson's one of the best offensive line prospects in the 2013 class, and he certainly talks a tough game. It'll be interesting to see him get a chance to earn that reputation on the field at Texas next year.