The Big 12 guide to Oklahoma's home turf

We're back again with the next installment of the "Home Turf" series introducing fans across the Big 12 to all the cities in the conference.

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Thanks to all the Sooners who helped make this guide happen. Without further ado, here's the guide to Norman, Okla. We'll hit Kansas State next, but I'll get around to asking for your suggestions a little later this week.

Zach in Broken Arrow, Okla., wrote: Coming to Norman you gotta hit Brothers for their queso burger. One of the best burgers around. The paper "table cloths" are hanging as wall art around the entire establishment. Some go back decades. Brothers is just off Campus Corner. Another great place to try is the Greek House ... yes, Greek on game day. Ran by a little old Greek lady, this place has a line out the door and down the sidewalk on game days, so get there early. Both within a few blocks of the stadium. You have to hit the Barry Switzer Center and Heisman Park. Another cool thing to do is see the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History. Norman is a great college town ... can't wait for our new conference members to come to town.

J.J. in Wichita Falls, Texas, wrote: Norman: must eat at Othello's! Must mill about Campus Corner. Plenty to see/eat/drink. O'Connell's is not the same, but still a good experience the night before or even the night after a game. Wouldnt try it immediatley before though.

Ben in Norman wrote: Get your rear end off I-35 and get on Boyd to go down to The Mont. It is a must. After that, if you are feeling salty, head 2 minutes west down to Campus Corner to enjoy a drink at either Seven47 or Logan's. Main street (downtown norman) also has a lot of good resturants (the Diner, Bison Witches, the Garage, etc.). Since you are football country and in the town of the most prestigious program in college football, check out the Switzer Center. It is connected with the south endzone of the stadium. The Switzer Center holds all 5 Heisman trophies, the 7 national championship trophies and tons more Oklahoma memorabilia. The people in Norman are extremely nice, unless you bring up the Longhorns or Cowboys. Other than that check out the beautiful campus that OU has to offer.

Reese in Norman wrote: Norman is a pretty cool place. I'm sure that no one in Lawrence would agree with that, but at least we aren't in Stillwater (North till you smell it, East till you step in it. Amirite?) Most of the action on game day happens in the Campus Corner area, just north of campus. I'll hit on a couple of places that might not be mentioned too much. First, if you want some vegetarian chili that's just as good as the real thing (who wouldn't?), hit up The Earth. For authentic Mexican, not Tex-Mex, check out Pepe Delgado's. They have an amazing gameday menu and the most friendly bartenders around. That's usually where you'll find me. Of course, you could check out the best BBQ (Van's Pig Stand), the most storied bar (O'Connell's), but gameday is all about the people of Norman and the OU fans. Oklahomans are very friendly and welcoming. Walk around campus and strike up a convo with some of the locals. Enjoy your visit. Thinking about it makes me wish I wasn't moving to State College in the summer. Think they'll mind my Sooner/Thunder gear up there?

Kurt in Norman wrote: You may see local legend, Calvin Steves, sporting a very unique OU helmet while selling The Norman Transcript. You might be tempted to give him a slap on the head, but please don't. The helmet protects him from epilepsy. However, he is a friendly guy who would love to meet new people. Don't hesitate to say hello and buy a newspaper!

J.R. in Haysville, Kan., wrote: If you are in Norman for gameday, you have to make your way through Campus Corner (North of the stadium). I have been all around the stadium for pregame, but I enjoy having a cold one (or few) on Campus Corner the most. I know when I see the Boomer sign, I'm in the right spot. Especially when the band strolls through on their way to the stadium. Boomer Sooner!

Kurt in Oklahoma City wrote: When in Norman, you must try the Sooner Swirl at The Mont on Boyd Street. The famous Swirl, a mix of frozen margarita and sangria, goes very well with the Mont's patio seating. If you are a sandwich and salad person, try out Cafe Plaid on Boyd Street in Campus Corner. They also have free trade coffee and an assortment locally brewed beer on tap.

Jeff in Edmond wrote: If you have one place you have to go to and want to experience Norman, you have to try The Mont. It's on Boyd Street a short walk away from the campus bar area. Big green trees surround the area, and has plenty of outdoor seating. Inside it has plenty of screens to watch different games, and the food. Ooooooooooo the food. The Theta Burger and the Chicken Fried Steak are hard to beat. Most of all though, it's a family run restaurant that has been in Norman for decades. To experience OU culture, this is the best one.

Gene in Seattle wrote: I was in school during Barry's heyday, and return at least once or twice every year for game since. So this may have an old school feel to it, but they are still the best: The Greek House on Jenkins. The owners have been there since I was in school 30 years ago, and it is the best gyro I have had anywhere. Engineer Club burgers in front of Felgar Hall. The Mont for beers. And get to your seat 20 minutes before kickoff. Watch the band take the field. Sing the OU Chant, look around at the endless blue sky and let the goosebumps come. Sadly, the old O'Connell's is finally gone. I can't bring myself to go to the new one on Campus Corner. Oh, and go through the Switzer Center on the Friday before.

Jason Klimeck in OKC wrote: Trip to Norman should involve a stop at Louie's Sports Bar & Grill (Bob Stoops is one of the owners). After Dinner head down the road to Riverwind Casino!

Stephen in Norman wrote: David, I am sure there will be a lot of people commenting on here to go to "Campus Corner" and bar-hop there. Now don't get me wrong, Campus Corner can be a blast and is pretty much the main hot spot for going out in Norman. But if you and your friends want to experience a real dose of OU, after a night out on Campus Corner, walk directly across Boyd Street onto the OU Campus. You will be standing on the North Oval. From there, keep walking South and you will dead end into Evans Hall. This is the oldest and creepiest building on campus. Take your friends (or girl if you met one at the bar) to the big double doors on the South entrance. Have them look through the doors down the creepy hall and make up some elaborate ghost story about how the building is known for its ghost sightings. Just when the person is concentrating the most, discretely push the handicap button on the side of the building which will cause the dead bolted doors to shake violently in the person's face. This should stir up an appetite, so the next must is to track down a lingering student and bribe him or her to take you to the 24/7 Student Union and have them buy you the best late night burger on Earth with their meal points.

Chad Edwards in Norman wrote: Condensed Version: Pizza 1. Hideaway 2 Humble Pie 3 Wedge Burger/American 1. Ron's 2 Del Rancho 3 Classic 50's Latin/Mexican 1. Tarahumara's 2 Zarate's 3. Ted's others to visit Victoria's Pasta Shop, Cattlemen's and Eischen's Beer 1 Tapwerks 2. McNellie's 3. O'Connell's 4. Library. Check out POPS on RT 66, Winchester Drive in on Southside OKC. Bricktown in OKC if you want to party, club, ride the canal or have a night out with dinner and drinks. Campus Corner for live music in Norman.