The Big 12 guide to K-State's home turf

We're back again with the next installment of the "Home Turf" series introducing fans across the Big 12 to all the cities in the conference.

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Thanks to all of you who e-mailed. A nice showing for the Purple Cats.

Here's your guide to Manhattan, Kansas from the people who know it best.

Scott in Olathe, Kan., wrote: Thank you for posting my comments for the KU introduction, I felt I was very fair and balanced. Manhattan has been growing a lot and so changing, but some things just stay the same. Get to BSFS early to tailgate, possibly one of the best atmospheres for college football. After the game, you always have to go to Aggieville. Rusty's is a staple that you have to at least stop by if you're an alum. The great thing about Aggieville is there are bars for about any scene you want.O'Malley's for an Irish bar setting. Auntie Mae's for a nice gathering with live music (generally art folks). Kite's for the greek folks. Porters is great. So Long Saloon has some great food. Rock-a-Belly has great sandwiches. For one of the BEST Chicken fried steaks I've had is at The Texas Star. A lotta folks like The Hibatchi Hut too.

Jon in Manhattan wrote: Aggieville is definitely the place to be before ABS after the games. Food, shopping, bars, it's all there. A new place called Taco Luche just opened up and is excellent.

Nate in Manhattan wrote: If you are visiting Manhattan for the 1st time or 10th time and have not been to the Call Hall Dairy Bar on KSU's Campus, then you are missing out. Getting ice cream freshly made in the building on the north edge and then walking through campus is an awesome idea on a fall Saturday. Even if your team lost, this will help you feel a whole lot better afterwards.

Sam in Manhappiness wrote: As a student here and lifelong diehard, I can assure you Bill Snyder Family Stadium will provide one of the most electric atmospheres in Big 12 football.

My take: He's right. K-State is a wayyyy underrated atmosphere.

Powder in Prairie Village, Kan., wrote: Yo UbbEMAWn. Props on the blog.The real K-State experience is to come in off Coach Bill Snyder Highway, head straight Billy Snyder Family Stadium and tailgate in the lots. But here's a quick and dirty list on Aggieville food and drinks. So Long Saloon:Food - Raspberry Black Bean Dip and A Resist Temptation (Burger with fried egg bacon and cheese) Drink - Nancy (Old Milwaukee and Pineapple Juice) Coco Bolos: Food - Coco's Q (Queso that's out of this world) and Coco Bananas (bananas with brown sugar, cinnamon, pecans and flamed dark rum w/ ice cream) Drink - Sangria. Aggie Lounge aka The Lou: Food - Pickled Eggs Drink - Bush Light Tall Boy Auntie Mae's Parlor: Drink - Tarantula (Drink a couple of these and you're set for the day) Go Cats

Scott Grier in Tulsa, Okla., wrote: Can't take a trip to the little apple without stopping through Aggieville, but if you tire of all the collegiate shenanigans in "the ville" stop by Harry's Uptown. Harry's is, simply put, best restaurant in town and almost always plays host to visiting athletic department personnel, head coaches, visiting celebrities, and just about anyone else wanting an upscale dining experience in the middle of the Flint Hills. Nestled in the lobby of an old hotel, this restaurant constantly appears on top 10 lists of several Kansas City publications. Cheers!

Robby in Manhattan wrote: To those who may be blessed enough to come see the Cats play in the Fall, there are a few more things Manhappenin' has to offer than a legendary coach and a honey badger that will drive your defense crazy. Most definitely playing a round at Colbert needs to be on the list of things to do. The course has been consistently ranked in the top 5 of collegiate golf courses and also ranks in the top 20 of hardest golf courses in the nation. It may be a difficult place to play but the golf course is kept in pristine condition and the view of the flint hills is amazing. Now golfing is good and all but if it's an afternoon game you want to make sure you're at Bill Snyder Family Stadium a few hours early to start tailgating. After EMAW has done work, it's time to eat, Aggieville has alot of great restaurants to eat at, however So Long Saloon is at the top of my list of places to eat. Their "Resist Temptation" combines an egg with a hamburger and does the job right, also they have a pineapple beer called a "Nancy" that is amazing. After eating at So Long's Aggieville is a great place to spend the night. GO CATS!

Michael in Frisco, Colo., wrote: Just wanted to write you in regards to a place to eat in Manhattan. For Breakfast/Lunch, there is no place better than The Chef Cafe. Kirsten runs the place and will make sure everyone is taken care of. The food is phenomenal (Bananas Foster Pancakes are a must) and the service/atmosphere is even better. I'm sure a number of people will be recommending it, but I've moved to Colorado since my time in the Little Apple and The Chef maybe what I miss most.

Skip Cowan in Wichita, Kan., wrote: Manhattan has four scenic overlooks that everyone should see. Top of the world, Manhattan hill, KS hill and the Konza prairie. Taking a date to any of them is bound to land you a second date...unless you support KU.

BlackCats in Manhappiness wrote: Take Bill Snyder Highway to Bill Snyder Stadium. If you get there early enough, park DIRECTLY north of the stadium, otherwise you'll be stuck in a goat field (I'm not kidding). Tailgating at The Bill is about as enjoyable as it gets. If it is a noon game, hit Early Edition for breakfast. Evening games demand that you stop in Aggieville for either Taco Lucho/So Long Saloon or Hibachi Hut. After an early game head to the Ville to Kite's (#1 sports bar in the nation 2009) or Tubby's.

Nate in Kansas City wrote: All visitors should visit Auntie Mae's. It's a former speakeasy, so the bar is underground for the most part, with a shot station and pool table on the first floor. It feels like an underground saloon.

Brian McCandless in Manhattan wrote: There's no place on earth I love more than Bill Snyder Family Stadium on gameday. Get there early for some great tail-gating in a fantastic atmosphere in the parking lot right outside the stadium. Everyone is always willing to share. But don't spend too long out there, because you'd better get in for some pregame rituals. The Pride of Wildcat Land Kansas State University Marching Band and Willie pumping up the crowd are a real treat, and always send chills down your spine. After K-State gives you a heart attack by winning a close game, check out some quieter places outside of Aggieville - you can go there on a non-gameday if you want to actually get in anywhere. Places outside of Aggieville include Litte Apple Brewery or Ingredient (though it is Lawrence-owned). Above all, enjoy the K-State friendliness where everyone says "Welcome to K-State!" that'll make you feel right at home - and you'll never want to leave.

Connor in Manhattan wrote: Manhattan is a unique city to visit when following your team around the country. Aggieville is our bar district and it is a fantastic place to go after the game to celebrate, win or lose. Every student and fan goes to aggieville after the game making it a fun place to be and the oldest bar is Kites if you want to go the traditional route. If you're looking for a good place to eat then visit Little Apple Brewery which brews its own beer and has delicious prime rib each gameday! Come visit the Little Apple and have a fun time!

Zach Harmon in Manhattan wrote: You gotta check out the Chef Cafe on 4th street on Saturday morning before the game. Food TV ranked it the best breakfast spot in Kansas, and you know we know how to eat!