BU's Wright explains poor 40, improvement

WACO, Texas -- One of the most eye-popping numbers from the NFL combine was (supposed?) speedster receiver Kendall Wright's head-turning 4.61 40 time.

Wright earned his living running by defensive backs, and the time seemed inexplicable. At Baylor's pro day on Wednesday, he got another chance in the midst of Robert Griffin III mania, RG3's first public throwing session since a bowl win over Washington.

"I wasn't really worried about my routes or catching, me and Robert always work at that," Wright said. "All I was worried about was running a good 40 time, because everybody thought I ran a 4.6. I haven't run one of those since fifth grade or something."

Mission accomplished for Wright, who was officially clocked at a 4.46, though he'd been told by some it was as low as 4.4 or 4.41.

Wright pointed to his start as the reason for his slow time at the combine in Indianapolis.

"He wanted me to hold my stance for three seconds, and I didn't work on it like that," Wright said. "I got uncomfortable when I was down there and I popped up on my first two starts. That's all I worked on when I got back, was my 40 starts."

Wright looked at tape and worked on starts with former receiver teammates Tevin Reese and Terrance Williams.

"When I left the combine, I wasn't even thinking about 4.6," Wright said. "I was just thinking about running today at the pro day."

It looks like it paid off.

Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith was in attendance on Wednesday, but declined comment when asked about the Bears' interest in Wright, who will visit with the Bears on April 2 or 3.

"No team I talked to was worried about [the 40 time]," Wright said. "I play fast as anybody out there, so that's all that really mattered, was the film."

No arguments here, or on the field at the Allison Indoor Facility at Baylor.