The Big 12 guide to OSU's home turf

We're back again with the next installment of the "Home Turf" series introducing fans across the Big 12 to all the cities in the conference.

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Thanks to all who e-mailed. Now, without further ado, here's the guide to Stillwater, Okla., from the people who know it best.

Zach in Frisco, Texas, wrote: Stillwater is a great little town. As far as where to hit up, start with the most common attractions in Stilly. For pizza hit up The Original Hideaway Pizza. On game days there is a line so you will have to make time. Also if you haven't Been there make sure you hit up the bar with the funny faces, Eskimo Joe's. You might not be able to get in to eat because it gets crowded fast but you can visit the T-Shirt shop. If you want some really good BBQ head to Bad Brad's. This is the same BBQ joint that they showed our receivers eating at on the Year of the Quarterback special on ESPN. After the game just head to the strip. This is where all the bars are located and it is always a great time. My only advice is to end your night at Murphy's. All in all the fans are extremely nice in Stillwater and we welcome all visitors unless you are a zero U fan. Have fun in Still-town, we look forward to seeing you all there!

Luke in Stillwater (not Stilly) wrote: When visiting Stillwater, everyone is going to suggest Eskimo Joe's. I wouldn't go there unless you are very early or willing to wait for a long time. If you happen to have time the day before the game or the day after, it's worth it to stop in for some cheese fries. If you go, you must get sweet pepper bacon, or your entire visit will be worthless. It's that good. I really like the asian rest. a couple blocks south of Eskimo Joes, Cafe 88. Again, it's close to the stadium, so it'll be crowded. Coney Island and Kruize N Burger are located on the Strip and both have good burgers. The best places to get a good beer before the game are College Bar, Stonewall and Finnegan's. Everywhere else has your regular Oklahoma beer, but the three bars previously mentioned have a decent selection of imports/craft beers. Have fun. Go Pokes.

Danny in Wichita, Kan., wrote: Recent OSU grad here. Everyone is going to tell you Eskimo Joes, which, to be fair, is pretty much the tourist destination that people have actually heard of. Their bacon cheese fries are amazing, the atmosphere is great, but if you want something a little less-known? Mom's Place. Go there, order the Don Special (two hamburger patties on texas toast, smothered in fries, cheese, onions and brown gravy), bring some Tums, and thank me later. It's cheap and you'll definitely not go hungry. If grease isnt your thing, Hideaway Pizza is by far the best pizza place in the entire state. As far as bars go, there's a general order of how to progress through the Strip. Start off at anywhere (I recommend the Stonewall), proceed to Outlaws for two-stepping, then finish off at Murphys. I'm not sure why you finish at Murphys, you just do. And if you get hungry while drinking, check out Kruize N Burger, also on the strip, which has my vote for best burgers in town.

Luke H. in State College, Pa., wrote: If you happen to go to the Hideaway, you can walk across the street to Varsity Barbershop and talk to Whisperin' Richard for the most insider stories on Oklahoma State athletics. Richard went to school with Eddie Sutton and has been cutting the hair of Oklahoma State greats for over sixty years. When it comes to OSU and Stillwater, he's seen it all. I'm currently a student at Penn State and I love it here, but I grew up in Stillwater and the BBQ and Richard's stories cannot be topped.

J-Tar in Washington, D.C., wrote: If you ever have the chance to experience homecoming weekend in Stilly, I highly recommend it. Walkaround on Friday evening is the bees knees. 50,000 people in 2 blocks can be a lot of fun. The house decorations are always impressive--creative engineering and design. Homecoming and hoops, live music, the orange-dyed fountain in front of the library, and the parade on Saturday morning--there are few places that do Homecoming like the Pokes. We have our gameday traditions like everybody--too much to detail. We do "The Walk," we do the Waving Song, we Ride 'Em Cowboys, we tailgate stoutly. Heritage Hall inside of GIA is a really well done showcase for the athletic program with the most national championships in the B12 (too much?). The Remember the Ten memorial next to it is a moving tribute, as well. And Pistol Pete may creep you out, but remember that he's one of the few (only?) mascots that was a real person, Frank Eaton--who was about as bad to the bone as a real human being gets. Seriously...you should go read up on the dude. He should scare you. OSU is a family thing--always has been. I am a 3rd generation grad. My dad was an Academic All-American back in the '70s on the football team. As with most OSU fans, we've seen the best and a lot more of the worst football. The OSU community is a small, but proud group that's ever loyal and true.

J-Tar in Washington, D.C., wrote: And an extra note, in case you haven't had enough from me: Stillwater is home to the very first and original Sonic Drive-In. Just when you thought you had good reason to hate us ... we gave the world Sonic. Game over.

Neda Hilliard in Mannford, Okla., wrote: Make sure to get there in time for the football team's Walk down Hester Street, and the marching band pregame concert by the Seretean Center. When the marching band "gallops" into the stadium pregame to play the state song and Bullet and his OSU-flag bearing rider are charging at a dead run around the field, your goose bumps get goose bumps!

Travis Sweeten in Enid, Okla., wrote: I'll wager 75% of your emails will mention Eskimo Joes. Try Shortcake's instead. It's within reasonable walking distance of the stadium and you can have breakfast all day. For a beer, try George's Stables. It's close to the stadium and never as crowded as the joint across the street. If you must be a free loader, there are hundreds of people that tailgate before the game.

Tommy B in Stillwater wrote: No question you need to check out Theta Pond where we would have thrown the goal posts if we were allowed to take them out of Boone Pickens Stadium. Beautiful place to relax on a windy sunny day in Stillwater. A couple sorority houses right across from it so an amazing combo of nature and women!

Kyle N in OKC wrote: The must-stop place in Stilwlater would have to be Eskimo Joe's. The food isn't stellar but the gameday atmosphere is great. Take a walk through campus. In comparison to other Big 12 schools I feel our campus is small enough that you can take in a large part of the scenery before teh game with plenty of time left for tailgating and other activities. See Old Central, the Student Union and the Library at least. Also stop by tailgates. Unless you are decked out in OU gear or are generally disreespectful, you won't have any trouble mingling with OSU fans at most tailgates. We are friendly people! After the game, hit the strip. You can't find cheaper beer and mixed drinks anywhere and again, unless you are looking for trouble or decked out in OU gear, you won't have any problems drinking with the OSU fans.

Poke in Columbia, Mo., wrote: Ubbs, If you like good music, Stillwater is great. Home of Red Dirt. Been awhile since I've been out on the Strip, but Willie's usually always has a live show and most other bars always do. No idea if a college football game overlaps with the College Days Festival. It's usually 3 nights of a pretty solid local and regional lineup. Everyone is friendly, so have a good time.

John in Broken Arrow, Okla., wrote: For Stillwater the best time of the year by far is football season, and more specifically the best week of the year is Homecoming Week (with the nation's best homecoming). Most people travel in and get in either Thursday night or Friday morning so they can see the house decorations that are on display at the Walkaround. There is a fun homecoming parade on Saturday morning and then people tailgate all morning and afternoon until the game inside the Boone. As far as food goes, no trip to Stillwater is complete without going to Hideaway Pizza. This pizza is voted the best pizza in Oklahoma year after year and it originated in Stillwater. Don't forget to try the fried mushrooms, they are delicious. Most people know of Eskimo Joe's and their cheese fries, most locals know to avoid Joe's on Gameday though considering how crazy it gets around there. Around Joe's is one of my favorite Gameday experiences, Stonewall Tavern. A great place to get a couple drinks in before the game, beers are cheap and mixed drinks are cheaper. If Stonewall isn't your place make sure to head South to the Strip where you can go to various bars for all different types of people. After the big win most of the town is out on the Strip enjoying their favorite bar in one of the best towns on Earth.

Kyle in Stillwater wrote: You should go to Coney Island. A staple on the Strip (Washington Street). Get a crawdaddy or a Fried Onion Cheese Burger. Thai Cafe is also a great choice with the Coconut Crusted Chicken. For a more laid back choice, go to Zanotti's, it is a wine bar off of the strip. Check out the local High School FB stadium. One of the nicest HS stadiums in the state. For breakfast or lunch check out Old School Bagel Cafe. One of [Brandon] Weeden's favorites. There and Red Rock is pretty delicious as well. Make sure to end your night at Murphy's for a frozen Jack and Coke. Outlaws is another great bar. Stop by the Copper Penny for a Limey.