Your Big 12 Blog bracket pool update

It's about to get real in the Big 12 Blog bracket challenge.

Someone named hcjhicks and his "winnerwinner" bracket is in the lead all by his lonesome, but he's got Rick Pitino's Cinderella (the closest thing to it in this Final Four, anyway) team winning it all.

That should be interesting.

Okstcowboy14 is tied with wvewe1's "Brown1" bracket for second place, but the former has Kansas winning it all, and the latter picked the Wildcats.

I expect some nervousness Saturday night from that trio. All the way down in 24th place is roughneck94, the highest-ranked bracket that has Ohio State winning the title. Jump on that Buckeyes' bandwagon, sir.

As for yours truly, I'm feeling decent in 43rd place and the 94th percentile, with 840 points. Here's my bracket. We had 749 people sign up this year, so I'm pretty happy about both developments.

Also, congratulations to the six of you who nailed every Final Four team this year. This wasn't a crazy one, but certainly a difficult four to nail.

Remember, winner gets a spot to write whatever he/she wants in my mailbag after the title game next week, so shoot me a message from your ESPN account after it's over and we can get it set up.

Good luck to all of you.