Weeden talks baseball, NFL prep, Bedlam

Former Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden took a spin in the ESPN Car Wash on Wednesday, appearing on a variety of platforms for us.

Among those was a chat with fans. Here's the full transcript of his chat. Now, for a few highlights:

Steve (Minneapolis): Have you heard anything yet about any teams being interested or are you in the dark like the rest of us?

Brandon Weeden: I'm pretty much in the dark. I've visited with some teams, but they don't really put off any indication. I'm in the dark like everyone else.

Lenny (Atlanta): Brandon, did you play in the minors with any current MLB players?

Brandon Weeden: Yeah, quite a few. I would say several throughout the big leagues. Matt Kemp. Robinson Cano. Guys like that.

Shaun (AL): You probably get asked this alot, but what was your take on BAMA getting the nod over you for the NC game? Do you think your offense could have stood up to either of those defenses?

Brandon Weeden: I was a little upset at first. Especially after we won a conference championship, beating Oklahoma. But the system is in place. You follow the system. We ended up going to a great bowl game in the Fiesta Bowl.

Terry (Dallas): How tired are you about questions about your age?

Brandon Weeden: I'm getting sick of it. But after another month or so, it will be over.

Crabman (MD): Do you think OSU can really compete with the Sooners long-term?

Brandon Weeden: Yeah, I think we're on our way. We've come a long ways in the last 3-4 years. They've got great tradition, but we like to think we're on our way.

Vinny (Philly): do you guys ever tease Coach about his i'm 40 speech?

Brandon Weeden: No, it never even really got brought up. But every away game, a fan would always blurt it out, but we never gave him a hard time about it.

Dave Crow (OKC): What is the part of your game you've worked on the most preparing for the NFL?

Brandon Weeden: I'm going to continue to work on my feet. Continue to learn defenses. Those are two things in the NFL that are the biggest obstacles.

Winston Watkins (Dwight, Illinois): your currently ranked by most people as the 4th best quarterback going into the draft, yet you beat all three quarterbacks ranked ahead of you. Personally where do you think you rank among the QB's?

Brandon Weeden: I think I should rank right there with those guys. They all have great tools to make them good players in the NFL. There is a lot to be said about our team winning those big games.