Congratulations are in order

Here's a special thanks from all of you for making the tournament great, even for a football blog.

We had 749 people sign up this year, but wvewe1 took home the title with the "Brown 1" bracket. Here's guessing the reader is a newcomer to the blog and a West Virginia fan. The bracket finished in the 99.9 percentile with 1600 total points to finish all alone in first place.

With the win, wvewe1 will get a place in Friday's mailbag. If you're wvewe1 or know him/her, make sure they contact me via their ESPN account. We'll be in touch.

Congratulations are in order for MonsterBack24, too and the bracket "Vacated Title." MonsterBack24 held the No. 2 spot with 1590 points.

Yours truly? I correctly picked the champ, and finished with 1320 points, good for 83rd place and 92.4 percentile. So, if you need to contact me, get to it.