Awkward mix-up for Texas Tech commit

We've all gotten lost a time or two, right?

Sure. Sometimes in harmless situations, sometimes in rather important ones. I'd lean to the former more often, but a few Texas Tech recruits got very, very lost on a big day for them and the Red Raiders program.

From RedRaiderSports.com:

Houston (Texas) Bellaire wide receiver Devin Lauderdale - a Texas Tech commit - and three other Houston-area players were planning on making the roughly 550-mile drive to Lubbock, Texas, to take in the school's Spring Game.

But they never got there.

They never even got, in fact, to West Texas.

"(We) didn't use a GPS, and we didn't even know we were going the wrong way," Lauderdale said. "So we were driving (and we ended up) in East Texas."

The group didn't realize their mistake until they found themselves in Nacodoches, Texas - which was roughly 100 miles east of I-45, the road they should have been on, and still more than 500 miles from their destination.

Well ... not much left to say about that, no?

How in the world did anyone get anywhere before the era of the GPS? Wait, what? A map?

Safe to say Lauderdale and his friends won't be living this one down the next time they end up at a college campus.