Putting Big 12 NFL draft prospects into tiers

So, maybe you're not an NFL GM (or maybe you are).

If you're an obsessive fantasy football player (guilty here), you know the tier system well. It's similar to what NFL teams use on draft day, to know when they're getting a player at a value, and when they can afford to wait around. Often, they're broken into position groups.

Our draft guru, Todd McShay, broke down the tier system for this year's draft, and placed players in several groups. Here's who landed where from the Big 12:

Tier 1 -- elite prospects

Tier 2 --top 10 quality, but below elite

Tier 3 -- good value in picks 10-20

Tier 4 -- Late first-round value picks

Tier 5 -- Round 2 value picks

Tier 6 -- Mid-to-late second round value

  • none

Tier 7 -- Solid third-round picks