K-State showing Snyder standards in spring

Bill Snyder built his program at Kansas State on his legendary 16 goals, and right in the middle is the one that fans see most often: improve.

Get better every day, and good things will happen. For Kansas State, that's nothing new this spring. Snyder brings back a 10-win team with 18 starters, second-most in the Big 12 (Texas Tech) and eighth-most in college football. That's cause for concern for the rest of the Big 12.

"It all centers around trying to get improvement made and what kind of progress we could make and what kind of depth we could develop along the defensive line and then collectively the depth of our defense," Snyder told reporters about his spring this week. "You really try to develop two starting units on each side of the ball. I think in all those cases, we have not gotten to where we need to be and want to be."

Few, if any teams, are at that point, but K-State still has plenty of talent to go around. Its biggest, Collin Klein, will take his spot as playcaller on Saturday. Snyder gives his quarterbacks the right to call plays in spring games.

"It is great. It is just fun. I look forward to doing it, and hopefully I can do it more in a road game situation," Klein said. "Last year, during the end of the season, there was more flexibility to check things that we saw, or was in the game plan. It is a part of growing. What I am doing is feeling more comfortable with that, pulling the trigger and going after it right away. Working with the coaches is what has been helping me grow in that role, and the trust and communication between us, through that, 'Hey, this is what I was seeing,' 'this is why I did what I did,' 'this is why this was not good.' We will work through that. Hopefully the next time it comes along I do not make the same mistake twice, or the same good decision twice."