Weeden vs. Osweiler: Who's the right pick?

Tonight, it's almost certain that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, both quarterbacks, will be the first two names called in the NFL draft.

Shortly after, Texas A&M's Ryan Tannehill will hear his name called. But what about later on in the draft?

Who will be the fourth quarterback taken?

Mel Kiper and Todd McShay took to a debate between Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden and Arizona State's Brock Osweiler.

It's an interesting read.

Kiper writes:

"... a franchise quarterback doesn't need to be a 15-year starter. We're looking too much at the exceptions and not enough at the reality. Those players are not something you can really plan for. You can't assume one starter will span three or four coaches, several general managers and multitudes of new players.

Weeden is an older player (he'll be 29 this fall) but one who, if he were 22, might be the second quarterback off the draft board. He really is that good, but his age is holding him back. Still, were he to get starts early in his NFL career -- and succeed -- you would be looking at a player who could easily give a franchise seven or eight very good years.

Is that something to scoff at?"

McShay, though, says Osweiler's worth looking at.

"Weeden (maturity, leadership), Foles (pure pocket passer) and Cousins (best intangibles) all have impressive traits. Osweiler is the least NFL-ready right now, but he is the most gifted and has the best chance to be a long-term, successful NFL starter.

It's easy to write Osweiler off if you look only at his 15 career starts, Arizona State's five-game losing streak to end 2011 and his performance in a blowout bowl loss to Boise State. However, there's a lot more to this guy than what's on the surface."

Who would you take? The biggest QB or the oldest QB?