What Holgorsen needs to do in Year 2

Dana Holgorsen is the only Big 12 coach entering his second year at the helm, and it should be an intriguing one.

He has a good team and he's bringing his new team into his old league, the Big 12.

The biggest need he has? Improving the running gameInsider, writes colleague Ryan McGee.

Now back in the land of his offensive ancestry -- the Big 12 -- Holgerson has just closed his first spring feeling like the program is actually his to do with it what he wants to do with it. Believe it or not, the offense should be able to finally move into the overdrive that Holgerson wants it to use.

Despite losing eight starters on offense, much will be expected of a unit that tended to get bogged down in the early stages of 2011. Why? Because Geno Smith is back at quarterback, his second season in the system. Now the 'Neers need someone to step in as a true featured back. That could be Shawne Alston, the '11 goal line specialist who got most of the spring touches with injured Dustin Garrison on the sideline.

You'll need ESPN Insider to see the rest of what McGee has to say, but what else does Holgorsen have to do to weather the 2012 season and return to the BCS?